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2010Association between genetic variants of the metabotropic glutamate receptor 3 (GRM3) and cognitive set shifting in healthy individualsBaune, B.; Suslow, T.; Beste, C.; Birosova, E.; Domschke, K.; Sehlmeyer, C.; Konrad, C.
2010Patient perceptions of and experiences with inflammatory myositisOrtega, C.; Limaye, V.; Chur-Hansen, A.
2010How effective is a hospital at home service for people with acute mental illness?Singh, R.; Rowan, J.; Burton, C.; Galletly, C.
2010Metabolic risk factors and weight gain in people admitted to a psychiatric intensive care unitAsh, D.; Galletly, C.; Singh, T.; Burton, C.; Air, T.; Biennial Schizophrenia International Research Conference (2nd : 2010 : Florence, Italy)
2010Working memory dysfunction in chizophrenia and PTSD: an event related potential study of cognition in chizophrenia and PTSDGalletly, C.
2010Investigation of skeletal muscle quantity and quality in end-stage renal diseaseCheema, B.; Abas, H.; Smith, B.; O'Sullivan, A.; Chan, M.; Patwardhan, A.; Kelly, J.; Gillin, A.; Pang, G.; Lloyd, B.; Berger, K.; Baune, B.; Fiatarone-Singh, M.
2010Paradoxical association of the brain-derived-neurotrophic-factor val66met genotype with response inhibitionBeste, C.; Baune, B.; Domschke, K.; Falkenstein, M.; Konrad, C.
2010Changes in depression-related mental health literacy in young men from rural and urban South AustraliaEckert, K.; Kutek, S.; Dunn, K.; Air, T.; Goldney, R.
2010Variations in the TNF-α gene (TNF-α -308G→A) affect attention and action selection mechanisms in a double-dissociated fashionBeste, C.; Baune, B.; Falkenstein, M.; Konrad, C.
2010Dissociable influences of NR2B-receptor related neural transmission on functions of distinct associative basal ganglia circuitsBeste, C.; Baune, B.; Domschke, K.; Falkenstein, M.; Konrad, C.