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2021Lactic acid bacteria in wine: technological advances and evaluation of their functional roleVirdis, C.; Sumby, K.; Bartowsky, E.; Jiranek, V.
2021A single residue deletion in the barley HKT1;5 P189 variant restores plasma membrane localisation but not Na⁺ conductanceWege, S.; Qiu, J.; Byrt, C.; Houston, K.; Waugh, R.; Gilliham, M.; Hrmova, M.
2021Flying over the farm: understanding drone adoption by Australian irrigatorsZuo, A.; Wheeler, S.A.; Sun, H.
2021Preliminary investigation of potent thiols in Cypriot wines made from indigenous grape varieties Xynisteri, Maratheftiko and GiannoudhiCopper, A.W.; Collins, C.; Bastian, S.E.P.; Johnson, T.E.; Capone, D.L.
2021Hybridisation capture allows DNA damage analysis of ancient marine eukaryotesArmbrecht, L.; Hallegraeff, G.; Bolch, C.J.S.; Woodward, C.; Cooper, A.
2021High water availability in drought tolerant crops is driven by root engineering of the soil micro-habitatRabbi, S.; Tighe, M.; Warren, C.; Zhou, Y.; Denton, M.D.; Barbour, M.; Young, I.
2021Identification of salt tolerance QTL in a wheat RIL mapping population using destructive and non-destructive phenotypingAsif, M.A.; Garcia, M.; Tilbrook, J.; Brien, C.; Dowling, K.; Berger, B.; Schilling, R.K.; Short, L.; Trittermann, C.; Gilliham, M.; Fleury, D.; Roy, S.J.; Pearson, A.S.
2021A pH-neutral electrolyzed oxidizing water significantly reduces microbial contamination of fresh spinach leavesOgunniyi, A.D.; Tenzin, S.; Ferro, S.; Venter, H.; Pi, H.; Amorico, T.; Deo, P.; Trott, D.J.
2021Xylomelum occidentale (Proteaceae) accesses relatively mobile soil organic phosphorus without releasing carboxylatesZhong, H.; Zhou, J.; Azmi, A.; Arruda, A.J.; Doolette, A.L.; Smernik, R.J.; Lambers, H.
2021The wheat Seven in absentia gene is associated with increases in biomass and yield in hot climatesThomelin, P.; Bonneau, J.; Brien, C.; Suchecki, R.; Baumann, U.; Kalambettu, P.; Langridge, P.; Tricker, P.; Fleury, D.
2021Novel salinity tolerance loci in chickpea identified in glasshouse and field environmentsAtieno, J.; Colmer, T.D.; Taylor, J.; Li, Y.; Quealy, J.; Kotula, L.; Nicol, D.; Nguyen, D.T.; Brien, C.; Langridge, P.; Croser, J.; Hayes, J.E.; Sutton, T.
2021Development of an Australian bread wheat nested association mapping population, a new genetic diversity resource for breeding under dry and hot climatesChidzanga, C.; Fleury, D.; Baumann, U.; Mullan, D.; Watanabe, S.; Kalambettu, P.; Pontre, R.; Edwards, J.; Forrest, K.; Wong, D.; Langridge, P.; Chalmers, K.; Garcia, M.
2021QTL mapping: an innovative method for investigating the genetic determinism of yeast-bacteria interactions in wineBartle, L.; Peltier, E.; Sundstrom, J.F.; Sumby, K.; Mitchell, J.G.; Jiranek, V.; Marullo, P.
2021Elucidating the degradation reaction pathways for the hydrothermal carbonisation of hemp via biochemical compositional analysisKeiller, B.G.; Potter, M.; Burton, R.A.; van Eyk, P.J.
2021The composition of Australian Plantago seeds highlights their potential as nutritionally-rich functional food ingredientsCowley, J.M.; O’Donovan, L.A.; Burton, R.A.
2021Genes that mediate starch metabolism in developing and germinated barley grainCollins, H.M.; Betts, N.S.; Dockter, C.; Berkowitz, O.; Braumann, I.; Cuesta-Seijo, J.A.; Skadhauge, B.; Whelan, J.; Bulone, V.; Fincher, G.B.
2021A novel ¹³C pulse-labelling method to quantify the contribution of rhizodeposits to soil respiration in a grassland exposed to drought and nitrogen additionWang, R.; Bicharanloo, B.; Bagheri Shirvan, M.; Cavagnaro, T.R.; Yong, J.; Keitel, C.; Dijkstra, F.A.
2021A review of wine authentication using spectroscopic approaches in combination with chemometricsRanaweera, R.K.R.; Capone, D.L.; Bastian, S.E.P.; Cozzolino, D.; Jeffery, D.W.
2021Spectrofluorometric analysis combined with machine learning for geographical and varietal authentication, and prediction of phenolic compound concentrations in red wineRanaweera, R.K.R.; Gilmore, A.M.; Capone, D.L.; Bastian, S.E.P.; Jeffery, D.W.
2021Special issue: "Peter Biely, a pioneering researcher in the enzymology of plant biomass degradation"Hrmova, M.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 6207