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2020Cytosolic GABA inhibits anion transport by wheat ALMT1Long, Y.; Tyerman, S.D.; Gilliham, M.
2020Energy costs of salt tolerance in crop plantsMunns, R.; Day, D.; Fricke, W.; Watt, M.; Arsova, B.; Barkla, B.; Bose, J.; Byrt, C.; Chen, Z.; Foster, K.; Gilliham, M.; Henderson, S.; Jenkins, C.; Kronzucker, H.; Miklavcic, S.; Plett, D.; Roy, S.; Shabala, S.; Shelden, M.; Soole, K.; et al.
2019Wine-related aromas for different seasons and occasions: hedonic and emotional responses of wine consumers from Australia, UK and USARistic, R.; Danner, L.; Johnson, T.; Meiselman, H.; Hoek, A.; Jiranek, V.; Bastian, S.
2019Energy costs of salinity tolerance in crop plantsTyerman, S.; Munns, R.; Fricke, W.; Arsova, B.; Barkla, B.; Bose, J.; Bramley, H.; Byrt, C.; Chen, Z.; Colmer, T.; Cuin, T.; Day, D.; Foster, K.; Gilliham, M.; Henderson, S.; Horie, T.; Jenkins, C.; Kaiser, B.; Katsuhara, M.; Plett, D.; et al.
2019Mitochondrial function modulates touch signalling in Arabidopsis thalianaXu, Y.; Berkowitz, O.; Narsai, R.; De Clercq, I.; Hooi, M.; Bulone, V.; Van Breusegem, F.; Whelan, J.; Wang, Y.
2019A new method to sample DNA from feral honey bee hives in treesWilliamson, E.; Groom, S.; Hogendoorn, K.
2019A cross-cultural examination of Australian, Chinese and Vietnamese consumers’ attitudes towards a new Australian wine product containing Ganoderma lucidum extractNguyen, A.; Johnson, T.; Jeffery, D.; Danner, L.; Bastian, S.
2019Genome-wide analysis of the barley non-specific lipid transfer protein gene familyZhang, M.; Kim, Y.; Zong, J.; Lin, H.; Dievart, A.; Li, H.; Zhang, D.; Liang, W.
2019Fire-derived organic matter retains ammonia through covalent bond formationHestrin, R.; Torres-Rojas, D.; Dynes, J.; Hook, J.; Regier, T.; Gillespie, A.; Smernik, R.; Lehmann, J.
2019Dynamic characterization of wine astringency profiles using modified progressive profilingKang, W.; Niimi, J.; Muhlack, R.; Smith, P.; Bastian, S.
2019Initial bud outgrowth occurs independent of auxin flow from out of budsChabikwa, T.; Brewer, P.; Beveridge, C.
2019Engineering strategies to boost crop productivity by cutting respiratory carbon lossAmthor, J.; Bar-Even, A.; Hanson, A.; Millar, A.; Stitt, M.; Sweetlove, L.; Tyerman, S.
2019Surface coatings with covalently attached anidulafungin and micafungin prevent Candida albicans biofilm formationNaderi, J.; Giles, C.; Saboohi, S.; Griesser, H.; Coad, B.R.
2019Measures to improve wine malolactic fermentationSumby, K.; Bartle, L.; Grbin, P.; Jiranek, V.
2019Interaction between row-type genes in barley controls meristem determinacy and reveals novel routes to improved grainZwirek, M.; Waugh, R.; McKim, S.
2019A novel (1,4)-β-linked glucoxylan is synthesized by members of the cellulose synthase-like F gene family in land plantsLittle, A.; Lahnstein, J.; Jeffery, D.; Khor, S.; Schwerdt, J.; Shirley, N.; Hooi, Y.; Xing, X.; Burton, R.; Bulone, V.
2019Translating auxin responses into ovules, seeds and yield: insight from Arabidopsis and the cerealsShirley, N.J.; Aubert, M.K.; Wilkinson, L.G.; Bird, D.C.; Lora, J.; Yang, X.; Tucker, M.R.
2019Spectrophotometric measurement of the pH of soil extracts using a multiple indicator dye mixtureBargrizan, S.; Smernik, R.; Mosley, L.
2019Revisiting the female germline and its expanding toolboxPinto, S.; Mendes, M.; Coimbra, S.; Tucker, M.
2019A comparison of mainstream genotyping platforms for the evaluation and use of barley genetic resourcesDarrier, B.; Russell, J.; Milner, S.G.; Hedley, P.E.; Shaw, P.D.; Macaulay, M.; Ramsay, L.D.; Halpin, C.; Mascher, M.; Fleury, D.L.; Langridge, P.; Stein, N.; Waugh, R.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 5882