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2020Organic chemistry insights for the exceptional soil carbon storage of the seagrass Posidonia australisSerrano, O.; Rozaimi, M.; Lavery, P.; Smernik, R.
2020Effects of plant roots and arbuscular mycorrhizas on soil phosphorus leachingTran, C.T.; Watts-Williams, S.J.; Smernik, R.J.; Cavagnaro, T.R.
2020Barley sodium content is regulated by natural variants of the Na+ transporter HvHKT1;5Houston, K.; Jiaen, Q.; Wege, S.; Oakey, H.; Hrmova, M.; Qu, Y.; Smith, P.; Situmorang, A.; Macaulay, M.; Flis, P.; Bayer, M.; Roy, S.; Halpin, C.; Russell, J.; Schreiber, M.; Byrt, C.; Gilliham, M.; Salt, D.; Waugh, R.
2020Structural characterization of the Pet c 1.0201 PR-10 protein isolated from roots of Petroselinum crispum (Mill.) FussStratilova, B.; Rehulka, P.; Garajova, S.; Rehulkova, H.; Stratilova, E.; Hrmova, M.; Kozmon, S.
2020Influence of partial dealcoholization on the composition and sensory properties of Cabernet Sauvignon winesPham, D.; Ristic, R.; Stockdale, V.J.; Jeffery, D.W.; Tuke, S.; Wilkinson, K.
2020Threshold for labile phosphate in a sandy acid sulfate soilMayakaduwage, S.; Mosley, L.; Marschner, P.
2020Auxin treatment of grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) berries delays ripening onset by inhibiting cell expansionDal Santo, S.; Tucker, M.R.; Tan, H.-.T.; Burbidge, C.A.; Fasoli, M.; Böttcher, C.; Boss, P.K.; Pezzotti, M.; Davies, C.
2020Lower-alcohol wines produced by Metschnikowia pulcherrima and Saccharomyces cerevisiae co-fermentations: the effect of sequential inoculation timingHranilovic, A.; Gambetta, J.; Jeffery, D.; Grbin, P.; Jiranek, V.
2020The effect of zinc fertilisation and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on grain quality and yield of contrasting barley cultivarsAl Mutairi, A.A.; Cavagnaro, T.R.; Khor, S.F.; Neumann, K.; Burton, R.A.; Watts-Williams, S.J.
2020A novel insight into the mode of action of glufosinate: how reactive oxygen species are formedTakano, H.K.; Beffa, R.; Preston, C.; Westra, P.; Dayan, F.E.
2020A comparison of non-lethal sampling methods for amphibian gut microbiome analysesZhou, J.; Nelson, T.M.; Rodriguez Lopez, C.; Sarma, R.R.; Zhou, S.J.; Rollins, L.A.
2020Drought and heat stress tolerance screening in wheat using computed tomographySchmidt, J.; Claussen, J.; Woerlein, N.; Eggert, A.; Fleury, D.; Garnett, T.; Gerth, S.
2020Soil phosphorus pools with addition of fertiliser phosphorus in a long-term grazing experimentMcLaren, T.I.; Smernik, R.J.; McLaughlin, M.J.; McBeath, T.M.; McCaskill, M.R.; Robertson, F.A.; Simpson, R.J.
2020Medium-resolution multispectral data from Sentinel-2 to assess the damage and the recovery time of late frost on vineyardsCogato, A.; Meggio, F.; Collins, C.; Marinello, F.
2020Transcriptome profiling reveals phase-specific gene expression in the developing barley inflorescenceLiu, H.; Li, G.; Yang, X.; Kuijer, H.; Liang, W.; Zhang, D.
2020A review of current and potential applications of remote sensing to study the water status of horticultural cropsGautam, D.; Pagay, V.
2020Large-scale Trichoderma diversity was associated with ecosystem, climate and geographic locationHu, J.; Zhou, Y.; Chen, K.; Li, J.; Wei, Y.; Wang, Y.; Wu, Y.; Ryder, M.; Yang, H.; Denton, M.
2020A systematic review of collection and analysis of human milk for macronutrient compositionLeghi, G.E.; Middleton, P.F.; Netting, M.J.; Wlodek, M.E.; Geddes, D.T.; Muhlhausler, B.S.
2020Rice pollen aperture formation is regulated by the interplay between OsINP1 and OsDAF1Zhang, X.; Zhao, G.; Tan, Q.; Yuan, H.; Betts, N.; Zhu, L.; Zhang, D.; Liang, W.
2020Phosphorylation influences water and ion channel function of AtPIP2;1Qiu, J.; McGaughey, S.A.; Groszmann, M.; Tyerman, S.D.; Byrt, C.S.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 6088