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2020Improvement of cognitive function in schizophrenia with N-acetylcysteine: a theoretical reviewYolland, C.O.; Phillipou, A.; Castle, D.J.; Neill, E.; Hughes, M.E.; Galletly, C.; Smith, Z.M.; Francis, P.S.; Dean, O.M.; Sarris, J.; Siskind, D.; Harris, A.W.; Rossell, S.L.
2020Association of polygenic score for major depression with response to lithium in patients with bipolar disorderAmare, A.; Schubert, K.; Hou, L.; Clark, S.; Papiol, S.; Cearns, M.; Heilbronner, U.; Degenhardt, F.; Tekola-Ayele, F.; Hsu, Y.; Shekhtman, T.; Adli, M.; Akula, N.; Akiyama, K.; Ardau, R.; Arias, B.; Aubry, J.; Backlund, L.; Bhattacharjee, A.; Bellivier, F.; et al.
2020Consensus statement on the use of clozapine during the COVID-19 pandemicSIskind, D.; Horner, W.; Clark, S.; Correll, C.U.; Hasan, A.; Howes, O.; Kane, J.; Kelly, D.L.; Laitman, R.; Lee, J.; MacCabe, J.H.; Myles, N.; Nielsen, J.; Schulte, P.F.; Taylor, D.; Verdoux, H.; Wheeler, A.; Freudenreich, O.
2020Brain aging in major depressive disorder: results from the ENIGMA major depressive disorder working groupHan, L.; Dinga, R.; Hahn, T.; Ching, C.; Eyler, L.; Aftanas, L.; Aghajani, M.; Aleman, A.; Baune, B.; Berger, K.; Brak, I.; Filho, G.; Carballedo, A.; Connolly, C.; Couvy-Duchesne, B.; Cullen, K.; Dannlowski, U.; Davey, C.; Dima, D.; Duran, F.; et al.
2020Genome-wide gene-environment analyses of major depressive disorder and reported lifetime traumatic experiences in UK BiobankColeman, J.; Peyrot, W.; Purves, K.; Davis, K.; Rayner, C.; Choi, S.; Hübel, C.; Gaspar, H.; Kan, C.; Van der Auwera, S.; Adams, M.; Lyall, D.; Choi, K.; Wray, N.; Ripke, S.; Mattheisen, M.; Trzaskowski, M.; Byrne, E.; Abdellaoui, A.; Adams, M.; et al.
2020Mental health and prolonged exposure to unaffordable housing: a longitudinal analysisBaker, E.; Lester, L.; Mason, K.; Bentley, R.
2020Mental health difficulties across childhood and mental health service use: findings from a longitudinal population-based studyMulraney, M.; Hiscock, H.; Sciberras, E.; Coghill, D.; Sawyer, M.
2020Brain structural abnormalities in obesity: relation to age, genetic risk, and common psychiatric disorders: evidence through univariate and multivariate mega-analysis including 6420 participants from the ENIGMA MDD working groupOpel, N.; Thalamuthu, A.; Milaneschi, Y.; Grotegerd, D.; Flint, C.; Leenings, R.; Goltermann, J.; Richter, M.; Hahn, T.; Woditsch, G.; Berger, K.; Hermesdorf, M.; McIntosh, A.; Whalley, H.; Harris, M.; MacMaster, F.; Walter, H.; Veer, I.; Frodl, T.; Carballedo, A.; et al.
2020Cross-sectional metabolic profiles of mental health in population-based cohorts of 11- to 12-year-olds and mid-life adults: the Longitudinal Study of Australian ChildrenLange, K.; Lycett, K.; Ellul, S.; Saffery, R.; Mensah, F.; Carlin, J.; Gold, L.; Edwards, B.; Azzopardi, P.; Sawyer, M.; Juonala, M.; Burgner, D.; Wake, M.
2020Physical health assistance in early recovery of psychosis: study protocol for a randomized controlled trialO'Donoghue, B.; Mifsud, N.G.; Tindall, R.M.; Foote, L.; Hartmann, J.A.; Obst, K.; Simmons, M.B.; McGorry, P.D.; Killackey, E.
2020Neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio - a simple, accessible measure of inflammation, morbidity and prognosis in psychiatric disorders?Zulfic, Z.; Weickert, C.S.; Weickert, T.W.; Liu, D.; Myles, N.; Galletly, C.
2020Supporting the vulnerable: developing a strategic community mental health response to the COVID-19 pandemicThomson, S.; Doan, T.; Liu, D.; Schubert, K.O.; Toh, J.; Boyd, M.A.; Galletly, C.
2019Dysregulation of kynurenine metabolism is related to proinflammatory cytokines, attention, and prefrontal cortex volume in schizophreniaKindler, J.; Lim, C.K.; Weickert, C.S.; Boerrigter, D.; Galletly, C.; Liu, D.; Jacobs, K.R.; Balzan, R.; Bruggemann, J.; O'Donnell, M.; Lenroot, R.; Guillemin, G.J.; Weickert, T.W.
2019Altered transcranial magnetic stimulation–electroencephalographic markers of inhibition and excitation in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex in major depressive disorderVoineskos, D.; Blumberger, D.; Zomorrodi, R.; Rogasch, N.; Farzan, F.; Foussias, G.; Rajji, T.; Daskalakis, Z.
2019The Lancet Psychiatry Commission: a blueprint for protecting physical health in people with mental illnessFirth, J.; Siddiqi, N.; Koyanagi, A.; Siskind, D.; Rosenbaum, S.; Galletly, C.; Allan, S.; Caneo, C.; Carney, R.; Carvalho, A.; Chatterton, M.; Correll, C.; Curtis, J.; Gaughran, F.; Heald, A.; Hoare, E.; Jackson, S.; Kisely, S.; Lovell, K.; Maj, M.; et al.
2019Cognitive deficits in the THINC-integrated tool (THINC-it) are associated with psychosocial dysfunction in patients with major depressive disorderKnight, M.; Fourrier, C.; Lyrtzis, E.; Aboustate, N.; Sampson, E.; Hori, H.; Mills, N.; Baune, B.
2019Cognition and related neural findings on methamphetamine use disorder: insights and treatment implications from schizophrenia researchGuerin, A.; Bonomo, Y.; Lawrence, A.; Baune, B.; Nestler, E.; Rossell, S.; Kim, J.
2019Effects of psychological treatment of mental health problems in pregnant women to protect their offspring: randomised controlled trialBurger, H.; Verbeek, T.; Aris-Meijer, J.L.; Beijers, C.; Mol, B.W.; Hollon, S.D.; Ormel, J.; van Pampus, M.G.; Bockting, C.L.
2019A holistic understanding of the effect of stress on adolescent well-being: a conditional process analysisBranson, V.; Palmer, E.; Dry, M.; Turnbull, D.
2019Treatment-resistant depressive disorders: the when, how and what of augmentation therapyBassett, D.; Parker, G.; Hamilton, A.; Morris, G.; Baune, B.; Boyce, P.; Hopwood, M.; Mulder, R.; Porter, R.; Singh, A.; Outhred, T.; Mannie, Z.; Das, P.; Malhi, G.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1166