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20085-HTTLPR Biases Amygdala Activity in Response to Masked Facial Expressions in Major DepressionDannlowski, U.; Ohrmann, P.; Bauer, J.; Deckert, J.; Hohoff, C.; Kugel, H.; Arolt, V.; Heindel, W.; Kersting, A.; Baune, B.; Suslow, T.
2005A 6-month assessment of the alcohol-related clinical burden at emergency rooms (ERs) in 11 acute care hospitals of an urban area in GermanyBaune, B.; Mikolajczyk, R.; Reymann, G.; Duesterhaus, A.; Kratz, H.; Sundermann, U.
2005Abnormal frontal and parietal activity during working memory updating in post-traumatic stress disorderWeber, D.; Clark, C.; McFarlane, A.; Moores, K.; Morris, P.; Egan, G.
2002Abnormal functional connectivity in posttraumatic stress disorderShaw, M.; Strother, S.; McFarlane, A.; Morris, P.; Anderson, J.; Clark, C.; Egan, G.
1997Abnormal Illness BehaviourPilowsky, I.
2008Abnormal recruitment of working memory updating networks during maintenance of trauma-neutral information in post-traumatic stress disorderMoores, K.; Clark, C.; McFarlane, A.; Brown, G.; Puce, A.; Taylor, D.
2009Academics of the future? A survey of final year medical studentsGalletly, C.; Chur-Hansen, A.; Air, T.; Chapman, I.
2011Accomplishments of the thought disordered person: A case study in psychiatrist-patient interactionGalletly, C.; Crichton, J.
1997Acute and chronic pain: new understandings and treatment.Pilowsky, I.
1996Acute Post Traumatic Reactions in Soldiers and CiviliansSolomon, Z.; Laror, N.; McFarlane, A.
1996Acute Preventive InterventionsRaphael, B.; Wilson, J.; Meldrum, L.; McFarlane, A.
1997The Acute Stress Response Following Motor Vehicle Accidents and its Relation to PTSDMcFarlane, A.; Atchison, M.; Yehuda, R.
1996Acute TreatmentsTurnbull, G.; McFarlane, A.
2014Acute versus sub-acute care beds: Should Australia invest in community beds at the expense of hospital beds?Allison, S.; Bastiampillai, T.; Goldney, R.
2013The Adelaide Clinic: the first 25 YearsGoldney, R.
1995Adherence to recommended medical regimes in childhood and adolescenceFotheringham, M.; Sawyer, M.
2008Adjunctive antidepressant treatment with quetiapine in agitated depression: positive effects on symptom reduction, psychopathology and remission ratesDannlowski, U.; Baune, B.; Bockermann, I.; Domschke, K.; Evers, S.; Arolt, V.; Hetzel, G.; Rothermundt, M.
2018Adjustment of refugee children and adolescents in Australia: outcomes from wave three of the Building a New Life in Australia studyLau, W.; Silove, D.; Edwards, B.; Forbes, D.; Bryant, R.; McFarlane, A.; Hadzi-Pavlovic, D.; Steel, Z.; Nickerson, A.; Van Hooff, M.; Felmingham, K.; Cowlishaw, S.; Alkemade, N.; Kartal, D.; O'Donnell, M.
1995Adolescent knowledge of the nature, prevalence and treatment of mental health problemsFotheringham, M.; Sawyer, M.
2015Aetiology of coexisting mental health and alcohol and other drug disorders: perspectives of refugee youth and service providersPosselt, M.; Procter, N.; Galletly, C.; de Crespigny, C.