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2023School belonging as an essential component of positive psychology in schoolsAllen, K.A.; Boyle, C.; Wong, D.; Johnson, R.; May, F.; Burke, J.; Giraldez-Hayes, A.
2023Understanding the Issues in Inclusive Education: Working Towards Equitable and Accessible Education for All StudentsBoyle, C.; Allen, K.-A.; Boyle, C.; Allen, K.-A.
2023Using online photovoice and community-based participatory research to understand facilitators and barriers to online distance education during COVID-19Tanhan, A.; Boyle, C.; Taş, B.; Söğüt, Y.; Cashwell, C.C.; Genc, E.; Karatepe, H.T.
2023Reterritorialising pedagogies of listening: bringing into dialogue culturally responsive pedagogies with Reggio Emilia principlesRigney, L.I.; Kelly, S.
2023The levels of cognitive engagement of lesson tasks designed by teacher education students and their use of knowledge of self-regulated learning in explanations for task designLawson, M.J.; Van Deur, P.; Scott, W.; Stephenson, H.; Kang, S.; Wyra, M.; Darmawan, I.; Vosniadou, S.; Murdoch, C.; White, E.; Graham, L.
2022A predictive study between anxiety and fear of COVID-19 with psychological behavior response: The mediation role of perceived stressNia, H.S.; She, L.; Kaur, H.; Boyle, C.; Fomani, F.K.; Kohestani, D.; Rahmatpour, P.
2022Identifying and supporting children with learningLinzarini, A.; Budgen, S.; Merkley, R.; Gaab, N.R.; Siegel, L.; Aldersey, H.; Anderson, J.; Araya, B.M.; Barnes, M.A.; Boyle, C.; et al.,; Duraiappah, A.K.; van Atteveldt, N.M.; Borst, G.; Bugden, S.; Ergas, O.; Gilead, T.; Gupta, L.; Mercier, J.; Pugh, K.; Singh, N.C.; Vickers, E.A.
2022Pacific inclusive education model: addressing dichotomies to ensure positive outcomesPage, A.; Vira, A.; Ledger, S.; Mosen, J.; Anderson, J.; Charteris, J.; Boyle, C.
2022Further Development of the Teacher Attitudes Towards Inclusion Scale: Principal Components and Rasch AnalysisBoyle, C.; Costello, S.; Anderson, J.; Collett, K.; Page, A.; Allen, K.-A.
2022Impact of COVID-19 on Virtual Guitar CommunitiesLee, D.A.
2022How lesson study is used in initial teacher education: An international review of literatureBaumfield, V.; Bethel, A.; Boyle, C.; Katine, W.; Knowler, H.; Koutsouris, G.; Norwich, B.
2022Helping Those that Don’t Fit: Impacts, Causes, and Solutions for Students Who Don’t Feel Like They Belong at SchoolAllen, K.-A.; Boyle, C.; Kern, M.L.; Wong, D.; McCahey, A.; Holliman, A.J.; Sheehy, K.
2022Transforming Teaching: Wellbeing and Professional PracticeWhite, M.; McCallum, F.
2022Parent/carer views on support for children's school non‐attendance: 'How can they support you when they are the ones who report you?'Lissack, K.; Boyle, C.
2022School belonging and student engagement: The critical overlaps, similarities, and implications for student outcomesAllen, K.-A.; Boyle, C.; Reschly, A.L.; Christenson, S.
2022Collective wellbeing and posttraumatic growth during COVID-19: how positive psychology can help families, schools, workplaces and marginalized communitiesWaters, L.; Cameron, K.; Katherine Nelson-Coffey, S.; Crone, D.L.; Kern, M.; Lomas, T.; Oades, L.; Owens, R.L.; Pawelski, J.O.; Rashid, T.; Warren, M.A.; White, M.; Williams, P.
2022Coming Together: A Comprehensive Overview of the Transdisciplinary Perspectives of School BelongingAllen, K.-A.; Riley, K.; Gowing, A.; Lim, M.; Boyle, C.; Vota, R.; Richardson, M.; Wolfe, M.; Cruwys, T.; Stevens, M.; Leif, E.; Marwan, S.; van Der Zwan, R.; Ammermann, M.; Allen, K.-A.; Furlong, M.J.; Vella-Broderick, D.; Suldo, S.M.
2021A decade of positive education and implications for initial teacher education: A narrative reviewWhite, M.
2021Positive professional practice: A strength-based reflective practice teaching modelWhite, M.A.; Kern, M.; Wehmeyer, D.M.
2021‘We have to be really careful’: policy intermediaries preventing violent extremism in an era of riskBaak, M.; Stahl, G.; Schulz, S.; Adams, B.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 692