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2024Robust laser ablation Lu-Hf dating of apatite: an empirical evaluationGlorie, S.; Hand, M.; Mulder, J.; Simpson, A.; Emo, R.; Kamber, B.; Fernie, N.; Nixon, A.; Gilbert, S.
2023Using historical research to constrain the provenance and age of the first recorded collection of extinct Pleistocene large mammal fossils from the Naracoorte Caves, South AustraliaTurner, N.; Reed, E.
2023Laser ablation Lu-Hf geochronology of mafic igneous apatite and detrital apatiteKharkongor, M.; Glorie, S.; Mulder, J.A.; Kirkland, C.; Chew, D.; Kohn, B.; Goldschmidt 2023 (9 Jul 2023 - 14 Jul 2023 : Lyon, France)
2023Apatite laser-ablation Lu-Hf - U-Pb tandem thermochronology: a novel method to constrain high temperature thermal historiesGlorie, S.; Kharkongor, M.; Bedoya Mejia, A.; Hand, M.; Simpson, A.; Nixon, A.; Kirkland, C.; Chew, D.; 18th International Conference on Thermochronology (Thermo) (3 Sep 2023 - 8 Sep 2023 : Riva del Garda, Italy)
2023Thermal history of the East Antarctic margin: Campaign-style apatite U-Pb and fission track studyMayer-Ullmann, F.; Glorie, S.; Mulder, J.; Hand, M.; Morrissey, L.; Verhaert, S.; Halpin, J.; 18th International Conference on Thermochronology (Thermo) (3 Sep 2023 - 8 Sep 2023 : Riva del Garda, Italy)
2023New developments in laser ablation Lu-Hf geochronologyGlorie, S.; Simpson, A.; Gilbert, S.; Hand, M.; Mulder, J.A.; Muller, A.; Goldschmidt 2023 (9 Jul 2023 - 14 Jul 2023 : Lyon, France)
2023Linking the Gawler Craton and Mount Isa Province through hydrothermal systems in the Peake and Denison Domain, northeastern Gawler CratonBockmann, M.J.; Payne, J.L.; Hand, M.; Morrissey, L.J.; Belperio, A.P.
2023The unroofing of Archean crustal domes as recorded by detrital zircon and apatiteClarke, A.J.I.; Kirkland, C.L.; Glorie, S.; Gillespie, J.; Kinny, P.D.
2023Prediction of subglacial lake melt source regions from site characteristicsWillcocks, S.; Hasterok, D.
2023A grain-by-grain comparison of apatite fission-track analysis by LA-ICP-MS and the External Detector MethodSeiler, C.; Boone, S.C.; Kohn, B.P.; Gleadow, A.J.W.
2023Hydrated komatiites as a source of water for TTG formation in the ArcheanTamblyn, R.; Hermann, J.; Hasterok, D.; Sossi, P.; Pettke, T.; Chatterjee, S.
2023Early Neoproterozoic fore-arc basin strata of the Malyi Karatau Range (South Kazakhstan): depositional ages, provenance and implications for reconstructions of Precambrian continentsAlexeiev, D.; Khudoley, A.; DuFrane, S.; Glorie, S.; Vishnevskaya, I.; Semiletkin, S.; Letnikova, E.
2023Laser ablation (in situ) Lu-Hf dating of magmatic fluorite and hydrothermal fluorite-bearing veinsGlorie, S.; Mulder, J.; Hand, M.; Fabris, A.; Simpson, A.; Gilbert, S.
2023A detective duo of apatite and zircon geochronology for East Avalonia, Johnston Complex, WalesClarke, A.; Kirkland, C.; Glorie, S.
2023Reconstructing mechanisms of extinctions to guide mammal conservation biogeographyTomlinson, S.; Lomolino, M.; Woinarski, J.; Murphy, B.; Reed, E.; Johnson, C.; Legge, S.; Helgen, K.; Brown, S.; Fordham, D.; Martínez- Meyer, E.
2023Contemporary Controls on Terrestrial Carbon Characteristics in Temperate and Sub‐Tropical Australian WetlandsFrancke, A.; Tsimosh, O.; Tibby, J.; Reid, M.; Fletcher, M.; Tyler, J.J.
2023A record of Neoarchaean cratonisation from the Storø Supracrustal Belt, West GreenlandGardiner, N.J.; Mulder, J.A.; Szilas, K.; Nebel, O.; Whitehouse, M.; Jeon, H.; Cawood, P.A.
2023Microscale Petrographic, Trace Element, and Isotopic Constraints on Glauconite Diagenesis in Altered Sedimentary Sequences: Implications for Glauconite GeochronologyRafiei, M.; Lӧhr, S.C.; Alard, O.; Baldermann, A.; Farkaš, J.; Brock, G.A.
2023Characteristics, provenance, ore genesis and exploration of the Shimshal Valley placer gold deposits in the Karakoram Block, North PakistanAlam, M.; Li, S.R.; Santosh, M.; Zafar, T.; Hussain, Z.; Yuan, M.W.; Khan, H.
2023Contrasting mechanisms and timescales of subduction and exhumation as recorded by Paleoproterozoic and late Paleozoic high-pressure granulites in the North China CratonLi, S.S.; Palin, R.M.; Santosh, M.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1495