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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Higher Education response to Stage 1 of the Learning and Teaching Performance FundPalmer, E.; Crisp, G.; Evaluation Forum (2006 : Bentley, Western Australia)
2006Assessment as a key learning and teaching tool: A case study using a Business Communications courseSingh, N.; Palmer, E.; Evaluations and Assessment Conference (2006 : Bentley, Western Australia)
2006Evaluating a newly developed Business Communications CoursePalmer, E.; Singh, N.; Evaluations and Assessment Conference (2006 : Bentley, Western Australia)
2006Adapting to a changing environment: Improving the performance of evaluation servicesPalmer, E.; Evaluations and Assessment Conference (2006 : Bentley, Western Australia)
2005Evaluation and assessment in the classroom: The computer aided tutorialPalmer, E.; Devitt, P.; Evaluation Forum (2005 : Sydney, New South Wales)
2007The e-assessment handbookCrisp, G.
2004Learn outside the box - reframing the questions by combining scenario-based learning with online role play/simulationBaron, J.; Carrington, A.; Kavanagh, S.; Kindley, R.; Maier, H.; Best Practices in e-Learning Online Conference (2004)
2009Academic self-efficacy in ALL: Capacity-building through self-beliefHabel, C.
2005Are the Chunks Properly Digested? The Use of Corpus Studies to Facilitate the Learning of Academic EnglishPicard, M.; TESOL Arabia Conference (11th : 2005 : Dubai, U.A.E.)
2007Molecular recognition of DNA by rigid [n]-polynorbornane-derived bifunctional intercalators: Synthesis and evaluation of their binding propertiesVan Vliet, L.; Ellis, T.; Foley, P.; Liu, L.; Pfeffer, F.; Russell, R.; Warrener, R.; Hollfelder, F.; Waring, M.