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Type: Working paper
Title: 농업분야 외국인력정책: 호주와 캐나다 사례연구
Other Titles: Employing foreign agricultural workers: case studies of Australia and Canada
Author: Hugo, G.
Tan, G.T.
Choi, S.
Hong, S.H.
Publisher: IOM Migration Research and Training Centre
Issue Date: 2013
Series/Report no.: IOM MRTC Working Paper Series
Statement of
Graeme Hugo, George Tan, Seori Choi, Seong Ho Hong
Abstract: This study examines the policies of Australia and Canada on the employment of foreign workers in the agricultural sector and outlines the debates surrounding it. In Australia, the Working Holiday Maker Program has been a primary means to fill labor shortages in the agricultural sector, and recently citizens from the Pacific Islands and Timor-Leste have been employed in this sector through the Seasonal Worker Program. In Canada, the government has implemented the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program to satisfy labor needs arising from the sector for almost a half century, and new programs have been recently introduced to offer more options for Canadian employers. = 본 연구는 호주와 캐나다의 농업분야 외국인력정책과 외국인력 고용에 관한 쟁점을 살펴본다. 호주는 오랫동안 워킹홀리데이 프로그램을 통해 간접적인 방법으로 외국인력을 활용하였고, 최근 계절근로자제도를 통해 태평양 도서국가 국민의 농업분야 계절근로를 허용하고 있다. 캐나다는 지난 반세기 동안 캐나다 정부와 양자간 협정을 체결한 국가 국민들을 계절근로자로 활용해 왔고, 최근에는 새로운 단순기능 외국인력 제도를 도입하면서 외국인력의 국적이나 고용계약 기간에 있어서 농업경영인들의 선택폭이 훨씬 넓어졌다.
Keywords: Immigration policy; agriculture; seasonal migrant worker; Australia; Canada
Description: English title: Employing foreign agricultural workers: case studies of Australia and Canada . Executive Summary and Abstract published in English and Korean. Main text Korean only.
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