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2024Reconstructing colonization dynamics to establish how human activities transformed island biodiversityTomlinson, S.; Lomolino, M.V.; Anderson, A.; Austin, J.J.; Brown, S.C.; Haythorne, S.; Perry, G.L.W.; Wilmshurst, J.M.; Wood, J.R.; Fordham, D.A.
2023Description of Hibbertia hesperia (Dilleniaceae), a new species from the Kimberley region, and a new regional key to speciesHammer, T.
2023Evolutionary transition from surface to subterranean living in Australian water beetles (Coleoptera, Dytiscidae) through adaptive and relaxed selectionZhao, Y.; Guzik, M.; Humphreys, W.; Watts, C.; Cooper, S.; Sherratt, E.
2023Climate-driven ‘species-on-the-move’ provide tangible anchors to engage the public on climate changePecl, G.T.; Kelly, R.; Lucas, C.; van Putten, I.; Badhe, R.; Champion, C.; Chen, I.C.; Defeo, O.; Gaitan-Espitia, J.D.; Evengård, B.; Fordham, D.A.; Guo, F.; Henriques, R.; Henry, S.; Lenoir, J.; McGhie, H.; Mustonen, T.; Oliver, S.; Pettorelli, N.; Pinsky, M.L.; et al.
2023The role of incentive mechanisms in promoting forest restorationTedesco, A.M.; Brancalion, P.H.S.; Hepburn, M.L.H.; Walji, K.; Wilson, K.A.; Possingham, H.P.; Dean, A.J.; Nugent, N.; Elias-Trostmann, K.; Perez-Hammerle, K.V.; Rhodes, J.R.
2023Innate response to first feeding in Octopus berrima hatchlings despite embryonic food imprintingHua, Q.Q.H.; Nande, M.; Doubleday, Z.A.; Gillanders, B.M.
2023Allelic bias when performing in-solution enrichment of ancient human DNADavidson, R.; Williams, M.P.; Roca-Rada, X.; Kassadjikova, K.; Tobler, R.; Fehren-Schmitz, L.; Llamas, B.
2023Population genomic diversity and structure in the golden bandicoot: a history of isolation, extirpation, and conservationRick, K.; Byrne, M.; Cameron, S.; Cooper, S.J.B.; Dunlop, J.; Hill, B.; Lohr, C.; Mitchell, N.J.; Moritz, C.; Travouillon, K.J.; von Takach, B.; Ottewell, K.
2023Build it and some may come: early stage habitat restoration may initially favour herbivore returnCross, S.; Tomlinson, S.; Craig, M.; Bateman, P.; Doherty, T.
2022Soundscape enrichment enhances recruitment and habitat building on new oyster reef restorationsMcAfee, D.; Williams, B.R.; McLeod, L.; Reuter, A.; Wheaton, Z.; Connell, S.D.
2022Range and extinction dynamics of the steppe bison in Siberia: A pattern‐oriented modelling approachPilowsky, J.A.; Haythorne, S.; Brown, S.C.; Krapp, M.; Armstrong, E.; Brook, B.W.; Rahbek, C.; Fordham, D.A.
2022Ocean acidification drives global reshuffling of ecological communitiesNagelkerken, I.; Connell, S.D.
2022MntP and YiiP contribute to manganese efflux in salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium under conditions of manganese overload and nitrosative stressOuyang, A.; Gasner, K.M.; Neville, S.L.; McDevitt, C.A.; Frawley, E.R.; Singh, A.
2022eDNA in subterranean ecosystems: Applications, technical aspects, and future prospectsSaccò, M.; Guzik, M.T.; van der Heyde, M.; Nevill, P.; Cooper, S.J.B.; Austin, A.D.; Coates, P.J.; Allentoft, M.E.; White, N.E.
2022Dysregulation of Streptococcus pneumoniae zinc homeostasis breaks ampicillin resistance in a pneumonia infection modelBrazel, E.B.; Tan, A.; Neville, S.L.; Iverson, A.R.; Udagedara, S.R.; Cunningham, B.A.; Sikanyika, M.; De Oliveira, D.M.P.; Keller, B.; Bohlmann, L.; El-Deeb, I.M.; Ganio, K.; Eijkelkamp, B.A.; McEwan, A.G.; von Itzstein, M.; Maher, M.J.; Walker, M.J.; Rosch, J.W.; McDevitt, C.A.
2022Plotting for change: an analytical framework to aid decisions on which lineages are candidate species in phylogenomic species discoveryUnmack, P.J.; Adams, M.; Hammer, M.P.; Johnson, J.B.; Gruber, B.; Gilles, A.; Young, M.; Georges, A.
2022Shark teeth can resist ocean acidificationLeung, J.Y.S.; Nagelkerken, I.; Pistevos, J.C.A.; Xie, Z.; Zhang, S.; Connell, S.D.
2022Gene drives for vertebrate pest control: realistic spatial modelling of eradication probabilities and times for island mouse populationsBirand, A.; Cassey, P.; Ross, J.V.; Russell, J.C.; Thomas, P.; Prowse, T.A.A.
2022Relationship between capillaries, mitochondria and maximum power of the heart: a meta-study from shrew to elephantHorrell, H.D.; Lindeque, A.; Farrell, A.P.; Seymour, R.S.; White, C.R.; Kruger, K.M.; Snelling, E.P.
2022Environmental paleomicrobiology: using DNA preserved in aquatic sediments to its full potentialCapo, E.; Monchamp, M.-E.; Coolen, M.J.L.; Domaizon, I.; Armbrecht, L.; Bertilsson, S.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 5140