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2020The EMT modulator SNAI1 contributes to AML pathogenesis via its interaction with LSD1Carmichael, C.L.; Wang, J.; Nguyen, T.; Kolawole, O.; Benyoucef, A.; De Mazière, C.; Milne, A.R.; Samuel, S.; Gillinder, K.; Hediyeh-Zadeh, S.; Vo, A.N.Q.; Huang, Y.; Knezevic, K.; McInnes, W.R.L.; Shields, B.J.; Mitchell, H.; Ritchie, M.E.; Lammens, T.; Lintermans, B.; Van Vlierberghe, P.; et al.
2021Patient derived orthotopic xenograft models of medulloblastoma lack a functional blood brain barrierGenovesi, L.A.; Puttick, S.; Millar, A.; Kojic, M.; Ji, P.; Lagendijk, A.K.; Brighi, C.; Bonder, C.S.; Adolphe, C.; Wainwright, B.J.
2020Small-molecule modulators of toll-like receptorsWang, Y.; Zhang, S.; Li, H.; Wang, H.; Zhang, T.; Hutchinson, M.R.; Yin, H.; Wang, X.
2020Copper(II) binding to PBT2 differs from that of other 8-hydroxyquinoline chelators: implications for the treatment of neurodegenerative protein misfolding diseasesSummers, K.L.; Roseman, G.P.; Sopasis, G.J.; Millhauser, G.L.; Harris, H.H.; Pickering, I.J.; George, G.N.
2020Stathmin levels alter PTPN14 expression and impact neuroblastoma cell migrationPo uha, S.T.; Le Grand, M.; Brandl, M.B.; Gifford, A.J.; Goodall, G.J.; Khew-Goodall, Y.; Kavallaris, M.
2021A framework for high-resolution phenotyping of candidate male infertility mutants: from human to mouseHouston, B.J.; Conrad, D.F.; O'Bryan, M.K.
2020A spider-venom peptide with multitarget activity on sodium and calcium channels alleviates chronic visceral pain in a model of irritable bowel syndromeCardoso, F.C.; Castro, J.; Grundy, L.; Schober, G.; Garcia-Caraballo, S.; Zhao, T.; Herzig, V.; King, G.F.; Brierley, S.M.; Lewis, R.J.
2021ELOVL5 is a critical and targetable fatty acid elongase in prostate cancerCentenera, M.M.; Scott, J.S.; Machiels, J.; Nassar, Z.D.; Miller, D.C.; Zininos, I.; Dehairs, J.; Burvenich, I.J.G.; Zadra, G.; Chetta, P.; Bango, C.; Evergren, E.; Ryan, N.K.; Gillis, J.L.; Mah, C.Y.; Tieu, T.; Hanson, A.R.; Carelli, R.; Bloch, K.; Panagopoulos, V.; et al.
2020Phenotypic characterization and comparison of Phe508del and cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) knockout rat models of cystic fibrosis generated by CRISPR/Cas9 gene editingMcCarron, A.; Cmielewski, P.; Reyne, N.; McIntyre, C.; Finnie, J.; Craig, F.; Rout-Pitt, N.; Delhove, J.; Schjenken, J.E.; Chan, H.Y.; Boog, B.; Knight, E.; Gilmore, R.C.; O'Neal, W.K.; Boucher, R.C.; Parsons, D.; Donnelley, M.
2021Design of a stable cyclic peptide analgesic derived from sunflower seeds that targets the κ-opioid receptor for the treatment of chronic abdominal painMuratspahić, E.; Tomašević, N.; Koehbach, J.; Duerrauer, L.; Hadžić, S.; Castro, J.; Schober, G.; Sideromenos, S.; Clark, R.J.; Brierley, S.M.; Craik, D.J.; Gruber, C.W.