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2003T-ray imaging and tomographyWang, S.; Ferguson, B.; Abbott, D.; Zhang, X.
2013Li₃V₂(PO₄)₃@C/graphene composite with improved cycling performance as cathode material for lithium-ion batteriesZhang, L.; Wang, S.; Cai, D.; Lian, P.; Zhu, X.; Yang, W.; Wang, H.
2014Facile synthesis of ultrathin-shell graphene hollow spheres for high-performance lithium-ion batteriesCai, D.; Ding, L.; Wang, S.; Li, Z.; Zhu, M.; Wang, H.
2009Molecular variation among Chinese and global winter faba bean germplasmZong, X.; Liu, X.; Guan, J.; Wang, S.; Liu, Q.; Paull, J.; Redden, R.
2008Categorizing and ranking search engine's results by semantic similarityHao, T.; Lu, Z.; Wang, S.; Zou, T.; Gu, S.; Wenyin, L.; 2nd International Conference on Ubiquitous Information Management and Communication (ICUIMC 2008) (21 Feb 2008 - 1 Feb 2008 : Seoul, Korea)
2015Hydropolish: a controlled trial on a technique to eradicate residual cortical lens fibers in phacoemulsification cataract surgeryWang, S.; Quah, X.; Amjadi, S.; Tong, J.; Francis, I.
2019Magnetic natural composite Fe₃O₄-chitosan@bentonite for removal of heavy metals from acid mine drainageFeng, G.; Ma, J.; Zhang, X.; Zhang, Q.; Xiao, Y.; Ma, Q.; Wang, S.
2018Metal-free activation of persulfate by cubic mesoporous carbons for catalytic oxidation via radical and nonradical processesDuan, X.; Sun, H.; Tade, M.; Wang, S.
2016Photocatalysis of C, N-doped ZnO derived from ZIF-8 for dye degradation and water oxidationLiang, P.; Zhang, C.; Sun, H.; Liu, S.; Tadé, M.; Wang, S.
2016Numerical simulation of 3D hollow-fiber vacuum membrane distillation by computational fluid dynamicsZhang, Y.; Peng, Y.; Ji, S.; Wang, S.