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2014Multidimensional rehabilitation programs for adult cancer survivorsPeters, M.
2013Multidimensional scaling (MDS), cluster and descriptive analyses provide preliminary insights into Australian Shiraz wine regional characteristicsJohnson, T.; Hasted, A.; Ristic, R.; Bastian, S.
2005Multidisciplinary management of head and neck sarcomasColville, R.; Charlton, F.; Kelly, C.; Nicoll, J.; McLean, N.
2005Multidisciplinary management of Opitz G BBB syndromeParashar, S.; Anderson, P.; Cox, T.; McLean, N.; David, D.
2003Multidisciplinary nursing: re-thinking role boundariesPearson, A.
2020A multidisciplinary overview of the lower Miño River terrace system (NW Iberian Peninsula): a response to comments by Viveen et al. (2020)Méndez-Quintas, E.; Santonja, M.; Pérez-González, A.; Arnold, L.J.; Demuro, M.; Duval, M.
2011Multidisciplinary team care arrangements in the management of patients with chronic disease in Australian general practiceHarris, M.; Jayasinghe, U.; Taggart, J.; Christl, B.; Proudfoot, J.; Crookes, P.; Beilby, J.; Davies, G.
2010Multidisciplinary team training in a simulation setting for acute obstetric emergencies: a systematic reviewMerien, A.; van de Ven, J.; Mol, B.; Houterman, S.; Oei, S.
2015Multidrug Resistance-Associated Protein 2 (MRP2/ABCC2) haplotypes significantly affect the pharmacokinetics of mycophenolic acid in renal transplant recipientsDom, Z.; Westley, I.; Coller, J.; Somogyi, A.; Sallustio, B.; 2015 Golden Helix Symposium - Next Generation Pharmacogenomics (11 Mar 2015 - 13 Mar 2015
2018Multidrug resistant Staphylococcus pseudintermedius isolated from superficial bacterial folliculitis in dogs from Portugal and SpainOliveira, A.; Devesa, J.; Hill, P.; Poeta, P.
2008Multidrug-resistant E. coli and Enterobacter extraintestinal infection in 37 DogsGibson, J.; Morton, J.; Cobbold, R.; Sidjabat, H.; Filippich, L.; Trott, D.
2011Multidrug-resistant extraintestinal pathogenic Escherichia coli of sequence type ST131 in animals and foodsPlatell, J.; Johnson, J.; Cobbold, R.; Trott, D.
2006The multifactor nature of the volatility of futures marketsChiarella, C.; To, Thuy Duong
2015Multifactor productivity growth and the Australian mining sectorSyed, A.; Grafton, R.; Kalirajan, K.; Parham, D.
2013Multiferroics and electronic structure of (1 − x)PbTiO₃–xBi(Ni₁/₂Ti₁/₂)O₃ thin filmsZhao, H.; Wang, J.; Sun, C.; Chen, J.; Ablat, A.; Muhemmed, E.; Ibrahim, K.; Qiao, S.; Qiao, L.; Xing, X.
2004Multifetal pregnancy reduction of triplet and higher-order multiple pregnancies to twinsDodd, J.; Crowther, C.
2006Multifocal objective perimetry compared with Humphrey full-threshold perimetry in patients with optic neuritisPakrou, N.; Casson, R.; Kaines, A.; Selva-Nayagam, D.
2006Multifocal osteoma cutis in a golden retrieverMartin, D.; Hall, J.; Keirstead, N.; Lowe, A.
2010A multiframe assignment algorithm for single sensor bearings-only trackingSathyan, Thuraiappah; Sinha, A.; Mallick, M.; International Conference on Information Fusion (13th : 2010 : Edinburgh, United Kingdom); FUSION '10
2015Multifunctional agricultural transition: essential for local diversity in a globalised worldFielke, S.; Robinson, G.; Carson, D.