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2024Compromised transcription-mRNA export factor THOC2 causes R-loop accumulation, DNA damage and adverse neurodevelopmentBhattacharjee, R.; Jolly, L.A.; Corbett, M.A.; Wee, I.C.; Rao, S.R.; Gardner, A.E.; Ritchie, T.; van Hugte, E.J.H.; Ciptasari, U.; Piltz, S.; Noll, J.E.; Nazri, N.; van Eyk, C.L.; White, M.; Fornarino, D.; Poulton, C.; Baynam, G.; Collins-Praino, L.E.; Snel, M.F.; Nadif Kasri, N.; et al.
2024Mechanics of Small-Scale Spherical Inclusions Using Nonlocal Poroelasticity Integrated with Light Gradient Boosting MachineFarajpour, A.; Ingman, W.V.
2024Patterns in the provision of government-subsidised hormonal postpartum contraception in Queensland, Australia between 2012 and 2018: a population-based cohort studyCarrandi, A.; Bull, C.; Hu, Y.; Grzeskowiak, L.E.; Teede, H.; Black, K.; Callander, E.
20234CMenB sustained vaccine effectiveness against invasive meningococcal B disease and gonorrhoea at three years post program implementationWang, B.; Giles, L.; Andraweera, P.; McMillan, M.; Almond, S.; Beazley, R.; Mitchell, J.; AHoure, M.; Denehy, E.; Flood, L.; Marshall, H.
2023The characteristics of SARS-CoV-2-positive children in Australian hospitals: a PREDICT network studyIbrahim, L.; Wilson, C.; Tham, D.; Corden, M.; Jani, S.; Zhang, M.; Kochar, A.; Tan, K.; George, S.; Phillips, N.T.; Buntine, P.; Robins-Browne, K.; Chong, V.; Georgeson, T.; Lithgow, A.; Davidson, S.; O'Brien, S.; Tran, V.; Babl, F.E.
2023Immune regulatory cytokines in seminal plasma of healthy men: A scoping review and analysis of varianceLyons, H.E.; Arman, B.M.; Robertson, S.A.; Sharkey, D.J.
2023The collective burden of childhood dementia: a scoping reviewElvidge, K.L.; Christodoulou, J.; Farrar, M.A.; Tilden, D.; Maack, M.; Valeri, M.; Ellis, M.; Smith, N.J.C.; Childhood, D.W.G.
2023Iron-fortified foods are needed to meet the Estimated Average Requirement for iron in Australian infants 6-12 monthsMoumin, N.A.; Grieger, J.A.; Netting, M.J.; Makrides, M.; Green, T.J.
2023Pharmacoepidemiology and costs of medications dispensed during pregnancy: A retrospective populationā€based studyJackson, H.; Grzeskowiak, L.E.; Enticott, J.; Callander, E.
2023Transnasal Humidified Rapid Insufflation Ventilatory Exchange in children requiring emergent intubation (Kids THRIVE): a statistical analysis plan for a randomised controlled trialGeorge, S.; Gibbons, K.; Williams, T.; Humphreys, S.; Gelbart, B.; Le Marsney, R.; Craig, S.; Tingay, D.; Chavan, A.; Schibler, A.; Cronin, J.; Pearson, K.; Rasmussen, K.; Acworth, J.; Hickey, L.; Delzoppo, C.; Perkins, E.; Oberender, F.; Waghorn, J.; McCahill, C.; et al.
2023Growth of late preterm infants fed nutrient-enriched formula to 120 days corrected age-A randomized controlled trial.Best, K.P.; Yelland, L.N.; Collins, C.T.; McPhee, A.J.; Rogers, G.B.; Choo, J.; Gibson, R.A.; Murguia-Peniche, T.; Varghese, J.; Cooper, T.R.; Makrides, M.
2023Neuroimaging Findings in Axenfeld-Rieger Syndrome: A Case SeriesWhite, S.; Taranath, A.; Hanagandi, P.; Taranath, D.A.; To, M.-S.; Souzeau, E.; Siggs, O.M.; Craig, J.E.
2023Pharmacological Emergency management of Agitation in Children and Young people: protocol for a randomised controlled trial of intraMuscular medication (PEAChY-M)Bourke, E.M.; Borland, M.L.; Kochar, A.; George, S.; Shellshear, D.; Jani, S.; Perkins, K.; Tham, D.; Gordon, M.S.; Klein, K.; Prakash, C.; Lee, K.; Davidson, A.; Knott, J.C.; Craig, S.; Babl, F.E.
2023Pharmacological emergency management of agitation in children and young people: protocol for a randomised controlled trial of oral medication (PEAChY-O)Bourke, E.M.; Borland, M.L.; Kochar, A.; George, S.; Shellshear, D.; Jani, S.; Perkins, K.; Tham, D.; Gordon, M.S.; Klein, K.; Prakash, C.; Lee, K.; Davidson, A.; Knott, J.C.; Craig, S.; Babl, F.E.
2023Association of reaction symptoms and eliciting dose with health-related quality of life in children with peanut allergyHu, A.; Lloyd, M.; Loke, P.; Chebar Lozinsky, A.; O'Sullivan, M.; Quinn, P.; Gold, M.; Tang, M.L.
2023RELA governs a network of islet-specific metabolic genes necessary for beta cell functionZammit, N.W.; Wong, Y.Y.; Walters, S.N.; Warren, J.; Barry, S.C.; Grey, S.T.
2023Changes in Essential Fatty Acids and Ileal Genes Associated with Metabolizing Enzymes and Fatty Acid Transporters in Rodent Models of Cystic FibrosisShrestha, N.; Rout-Pitt, N.; McCarron, A.; Jackson, C.A.; Bulmer, A.C.; McAinch, A.J.; Donnelley, M.; Parsons, D.W.; Hryciw, D.H.
2023Randomized Trial of BCG Vaccine to Protect against Covid-19 in Health Care WorkersPittet, L.F.; Messina, N.L.; Orsini, F.; Moore, C.L.; Abruzzo, V.; Barry, S.; Bonnici, R.; Bonten, M.; Campbell, J.; Croda, J.; Dalcolmo, M.; Gardiner, K.; Gell, G.; Germano, S.; Gomes-Silva, A.; Goodall, C.; Gwee, A.; Jamieson, T.; Jardim, B.; Kollmann, T.R.; et al.
2023Women's awareness of cardiovascular disease risk after complications of pregnancyAldridge, E.; Pathirana, M.; Wittwer, M.; Sierp, S.; Roberts, C.T.; Dekker, G.A.; Arstall, M.
2023The impact of obesity and uncontrolled asthma during pregnancy on metabolic and inflammatory pathwaysBhaumik, S.; Lockett, J.; Saif, Z.; Lai, A.; Salomon, C.; Whitehead, J.; Clifton, V.L.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 3020