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2004Target genes: bone proteinsAtkins, G.; Findlay, D.; Anderson, P.; Morris, H.
2000A technique for distal tibial bone graft for arthrodesis of the foot and ankleBrown, C. H.
2012Technology for mobility in SCI 10 years from nowBoninger, M.; French, J.; Abbas, J.; Nagy, L.; Ferguson-Pell, M.; Taylor, S.; Rogers, M.; Saunders, N.; Peckham, H.; Marshall, R.; Sherwood, A.
2013Ten-year survival and clinical outcome of the AcroFlex lumbar disc replacement for the treatment of symptomatic disc degenerationMeir, A.; Freeman, B.; Fraser, R.; Fowler, S.
2011Three-Dimensional Carpal Imaging of the ScaphoidSandow, M.
2008Tibial insertion of the biceps femoris tendon: anatomical and radiological description of an anatomical variantSolomon, L.; Stevenson, A.
2010Tibial interference screw fixation in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with and without autograft bone augmentationRoy, S.; Fernhout, M.; Stanley, R.; Mc Gee, M.; Carbone, T.; Field, J.; Dobson, P.
2003Tibial plateau stress fracture - A complication of unicompartmental knee arthroplasty using 4 guide pinholesBrumby, S.; Carrington, R.; Zayontz, S.; Reish, T.; Scott, R.
2018Time dependent loss of trabecular bone in human tibial plateau fracturesSolomon, L.; Kitchen, D.; Anderson, P.; Yang, D.; Starczak, Y.; Kogawa, M.; Perilli, E.; Smitham, P.; Rickman, M.; Thewlis, D.; Atkins, G.
1998Timing of critical thrombosis after replantation surgery of the digitsBetancourt, F.; Mah, E.; McCabe, S.
2001To the editor: RE: Henriques T, Olerud C, Petren-Mallmin M, et al. Cauda equina syndrome as a postoperative complication in five patients operated for lumbar disc herniation. Spine 2001;26, 293-7.Fraser, Robert D.
2012The Toronto Extremity Salvage Score in unoperated controls: an age, gender, and country comparisonClayer, M.; Doyle, S.; Sangha, N.; Grimer, R.
1998Total 24-hour melatonin secretion in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. A case-control study.Fagan, A.; Kennaway, D.; Sutherland, A.
2002Total disc replacement arthroplasty using the AcroFlex lumbar disc: a non-human primate modelCunningham, B. W.; Lowery, G. L.; Serhan, H. A.; Dmitriev, A. E.; Orbegoso, C. M.; McAfee, P. C.; Fraser, Robert D.; Ross, R. E.; Kulkarni, S. S.
2007Total disc replacement in the lumbar spineFreeman, B.
2006Total disc replacement in the lumbar spine: A systematic review of the literatureFreeman, B.; Davenport, J.
2010Transient receptor potential melastatin 2 expression is increased following experimental traumatic brain injury in ratsCook, N.; Vink, R.; Helps, S.; Manavis, J.; Van Den Heuvel, C.
2008Translunate fracture with associated perilunate injury: 3 case reports with introduction of the translunate arc conceptBain, G.; McLean, J.; Turner, P.; Sood, A.; Pourgiezis, N.
2003Trapezial arthroplasty with silicone rubber implantation for advanced osteoarthritis of the trapeziometacarpal joint of the thumbMacDermid, J.; Roth, J.; Rampersaud, Y.; Bain, G.
1996Treatment of humeral shaft fractures with the seidel intramedullary nailBain, G.; Sandow, M.; Howie, D.