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2004Target genes: bone proteinsAtkins, G.; Findlay, D.; Anderson, P.; Morris, H.; Feldman, D.; Pike, J.; Glorieux, F.
2000A technique for distal tibial bone graft for arthrodesis of the foot and ankleBrown, C. H.
2012Technology for mobility in SCI 10 years from nowBoninger, M.; French, J.; Abbas, J.; Nagy, L.; Ferguson-Pell, M.; Taylor, S.; Rogers, M.; Saunders, N.; Peckham, H.; Marshall, R.; Sherwood, A.
2013Ten-year survival and clinical outcome of the AcroFlex lumbar disc replacement for the treatment of symptomatic disc degenerationMeir, A.; Freeman, B.; Fraser, R.; Fowler, S.
2012The 6-year migration characteristics of a hydroxyapatite-coated femoral stem: a radiostereometric analysis studyCallary, S.; Campbell, D.; Mercer, G.; Nilsson, K.; Field, J.
2010The accuracy and precision of radiostereometric analysis in monitoring tibial plateau fracturesSolomon, L.; Stevenson, A.; Callary, S.; Sullivan, T.; Howie, D.; Chehade, M.
2002The Adams classification for cadaveric discograms: Inter- and intra-observer error in the clinical settingAgorastides, I.; Lam, K.; Freeman, B.; Mulholland, R.
2011The Australian arthroplasty thromboprophylaxis surveyMolnar, R.; Jenkin, D.; Millar, M.; Campbell, D.; Harris, I.
2002The biologic response to particles from a lumbar disc prosthesisMoore, R.; Fraser, R.; Vernon-Roberts, B.; Finnie, J.; Blumbergs, P.; Haynes, D.; Hutchens, M.; Walters, R.; Kamat, A.; Koszyca, B.
1996The biology and application of human bone marrow stromal cell precursorsGronthos, S.; Simmons, P.
2008The brain monitoring with Information Technology (BrainIT) collaborative network : data validation resultsShaw, M.; Piper, I.; Chambers, I.; Citerio, G.; Enblad, P.; Gregson, B.; Howells, T.; Kiening, K.; Mattern, J.; Nilsson, P.; Ragauskas, A.; Sahuquillo, J.; Yau, Y.; Manley, G.; Hemphill, C.; Stiver, S.
2006The correlation of RANK, RANKL and TNF╬▒ expression with bone loss volume and polyethylene wear debris around hip implantsHolding, C.; Findlay, D.; Stamenkov, R.; Neale, S.; Lucas, H.; Dharmapatni, A.; Callary, S.; Shrestha, K.; Atkins, G.; Howie, D.; Haynes, D.
2017The diagnostic performance of radiographic criteria to detect aseptic acetabular component loosening after revision total hip arthroplastyAbrahams, J.; Kim, Y.; Callary, S.; De Ieso, C.; Costi, K.; Howie, D.; Solomon, L.
1998The dynamic elbow suspension splintBain, G.; Mehta, J.; Heptinstall, R.
1998The early results of the Brunelli procedure for trapeziometacarpal instabilityRoberts, S.; Brown, J.; Hayes, M.; Saies, A.
2012The effect of hip position on the length of trochanteric muscles: potential implications for early postoperative management of hip arthroplastyLee, Y.; Callary, S.; Howie, D.; Thewlis, D.; Solomon, L.
2000The effect of particle phagocytosis and metallic wear particles on osteoclast formation and bone resorption in vitroNeale, S.; Haynes, D.; Howie, D.; Murray, D.; Athanasou, N.
2013The effect of posterior spinal fusion on respiratory function in Duchenne muscular dystrophyAlexander, W.; Smith, M.; Freeman, B.; Sutherland, L.; Kennedy, J.; Cundy, P.
2005The effect of screw taper on interference fit during load to failure at the soft tissue/bone interfaceMann, C.; Costi, J.; Stanley, R.; Dobson, P.
2015The effectiveness of selective thoracic fusion for treating adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: a systematic review protocolEardley-Harris, N.; Munn, Z.; Cundy, P.; Gieroba, T.