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2011Early metallosis-related failure after total knee replacement: a report of 15 casesWillis-Owen, C.; Keene, G.; Oakeshott, R.
2009Early migration characteristics of a hydroxyapatite-coated femoral stem: an RSA studyCampbell, D.; Mercer, G.; Nilsson, K.; Wells, V.; Field, J.; Callary, S.
1995Early pain relief and function following cemented vs. cementless femoral revisionHowie, D.; McCalden, R.; McGee, M.
2016Early response of the human SOST gene to stimulation by 1α,25-dihydroxyvitamin D₃Wijenayaka, A.; Prideaux, M.; Yang, D.; Morris, H.; Findlay, D.; Anderson, P.; Atkins, G.
1998The early results of the Brunelli procedure for trapeziometacarpal instabilityRoberts, S.; Brown, J.; Hayes, M.; Saies, A.
2006EF121765 Ovis aries nuclear factor kappa B ligand mRNA, partial cdsZarrinkalam, M.; Atkins, G.; Natrass, G.; Beard, H.; Findlay, D.
2006EF121766 Ovis aries osteoprotegerin mRNA, partial cdsRinkalam, M.; Atkins, G.; Natrass, G.; Beard, H.; Findlay, D.
2009Effect of a novel interspinous implant on lumbar spinal range of motionGunzburg, R.; Szpalski, M.; Callary, S.; Colloca, C.; Kosmopoulos, V.; Harrison, D.; Moore, R.
2012The effect of hip position on the length of trochanteric muscles: potential implications for early postoperative management of hip arthroplastyLee, Y.; Callary, S.; Howie, D.; Thewlis, D.; Solomon, L.
2008Effect of intra-articular infliximab on synovial membrane pathology in a patient with a seronegative spondyloarthropathyAhern, M.; Campbell, D.; Weedon, H.; Papangelis, V.; Smith, M.
2000The effect of particle phagocytosis and metallic wear particles on osteoclast formation and bone resorption in vitroNeale, S.; Haynes, D.; Howie, D.; Murray, D.; Athanasou, N.
2013The effect of posterior spinal fusion on respiratory function in Duchenne muscular dystrophyAlexander, W.; Smith, M.; Freeman, B.; Sutherland, L.; Kennedy, J.; Cundy, P.
2009Effect of scaphoid and triquetrum excision after limited stabilisation on cadaver wrist movementBain, G.; Sood, A.; Ashwood, N.; Turner, P.; Fogg, Q.
2005The effect of screw taper on interference fit during load to failure at the soft tissue/bone interfaceMann, C.; Costi, J.; Stanley, R.; Dobson, P.
2004Effect of total hip arthroplasty on recreational and sporting activityChatterji, U.; Ashworth, M.; Lewis, P.; Dobson, P.
2005Effect of total knee arthroplasty on recreational and sporting activityChatterji, U.; Ashworth, M.; Lewis, P.; Dobson, P.
2015The effectiveness of selective thoracic fusion for treating adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: a systematic review protocolEardley-Harris, N.; Munn, Z.; Cundy, P.; Gieroba, T.
1996Effects of Continuous Calcitonin Treatment on Osteoclast-like Cell Development and Clacitonin Receptor Expression in Mouse Bone Marrow CulturesIkegame, M.; Rakopoulos, M.; Martin, T.; Moseley, J.; Findlay, D.
1998Effects of design changes on cemented tapered femoral stem fixationMiddleton, R.; Howie, D.; Costi, K.; Sharpe, P.
2007Effects of etoposide and cyclophosphamide acute chemotherapy on growth plate and metaphyseal bone in ratsXian, C.; Cool, J.; Van Gangelen, J.; Foster, B.; Howarth, G.