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1996c-fos Antisense DNA Inhibits Proliferation of Osteoclast Progenitors in Osteoclast Developments but not Macrophage Differentiation In VitroUdagawa, N.; Chan, J.; Wada, S.; Findlay, D.
2007C7 decancellisation closing wedge osteotomy for the correction of fixed cervico-thoracic kyphosisTokala, D.; Lam, K.; Freeman, B.; Webb, J.
2013Cable-augmented, quad ligament tenodesis scapholunate reconstruction: Rationale, surgical technique, and preliminary resultsBain, G.; Watts, A.; McLean, J.; Lee, Y.; Eng, K.
2005CalcitoninFindlay, D.; Sexton, P.; Martin, T.; De Groot, L.; Jameson, J.
2004CalcitoninFindlay, D.; Sexton, P.
2016CalcitoninFindlay, D.M.; Sexton, P.M.; Martin, T.J.; Jameson, J.L.; De Groot, L.J.; Weir, G.C.
2003CalcitoninFindlay, D.; Sexton, P.; Henry, H.; Norman, A.W.
1998Calcitonin and its related proteinsFindlay, D.
2002Calcitonin decreases the adherence and survival of HEK-293 cells by a caspase-independent mechanismFindlay, D.; Raggatt, L.; Bouralexis, S.; Hay, S.; Atkins, G.; Evdokiou, A.
1996Calcitonin Receptor Down-Regulation Relates to Calcitonin Resistance in Mature Mouse OsteoclastsWada, S.; Udagawa, N.; Nagata, N.; Martin, T.; Findlay, D.
1999Calcitonin Receptor-Mediated Growth Suppression of HEK-293 Cells is Accompanied by Induction of p21 WAF1/CIP1 and G2/M ArrestEvdokiou, A.; Raggatt, L.; Findlay, D.; Atkins, G.
1997Calcitonin receptors, bone sialoprotein and osteopontin are expressed in primary breast cancersGillespie, M.; Thomas, R.; Pu, Z.Y.; Zhou, H.; Findlay, D.
2013Calcitonin: physiology or fantasy?Davey, R.; Findlay, D.
2013Calcium induces pro-anabolic effects on human primary osteoblasts associated with acquisition of mature osteocyte markersWelldon, K.; Findlay, D.; Evdokiou, A.; Ormsby, R.; Atkins, G.
1998Calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate deposition in degenerate lumbar discsBerlemann, U.; Gries, N.; Moore, R.; Fraser, R.; Vernon-Roberts, B.
2014Can tibial plateau fractures be reduced and stabilised through an angiosome-sparing antero-lateral approach?Solomon, L.; Boopalan, P.; Chakrabarty, A.; Callary, S.
1999Carbon Fiber Cages for Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion: A Prospective StudyFagan, A.; Cain, C.; Hall, D.; Fraser, R.
1998Casein kinase 2 phosphorylation of recombinant rat osteopontin enhances adhesion of osteoclasts but not osteoblastsKatayama, Y.; House, C.; Udagawa, N.; Kazama, J.; McFarland, R.; Martin, T.; Findlay, D.
2007Cement-within-cement stem exchange using the collarless polished double-taper stemMandziak, D.; Howie, D.; Neale, S.; Mc Gee, M.
2010Cementless stem stabilization after intraoperative fracture: A radiostereometric analysisCampbell, D.; Mercer, G.; Nilsson, G.; Callary, S.