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2008Arthroscopic Dorsal Capsular Release in the Wrist: A New TechniqueBain, G.; Munt, J.; Turner, P.; Bergman, J.
2006Arthroscopic excision of ulnar styloid in stylocarpal impactionBain, G.; Bidwell, T.
1999Arthroscopic relationship of the axillary nerve to the shoulder joint capsule: An anatomic studyAkifumi, U.; Bain, G.; Mehta, J.
1995Arthroscopic repair for primary shoulder dislocation: A randomised clinical trialSandow, M.
1997Arthroscopic repair of glenolabral injuries with an absorbable fixation deviceSegmuller, H. E.; Hayes, Michael G.; Saies, A. D.
1995Arthroscopic repair of glenolabral injuries with an absorbable fixation device: Follow-up of 71 shouldersSegmuller, H. E.; Saies, A. D.; Hayes, Michael G.
2013Arthroscopic versus open cam resection in the treatment of femoroacetabular impingementBuchler, Lorenz; Neumann, Mirjiam; Schwab, Joseph M.; Iselin, Lukas Daniel; Tannast, Moritz; Beck, Martin
2008Arthroscopically Assisted Treatment of Intraosseous Ganglions of the LunateBain, G.; Turner, P.; Ashwood, N.
2003Arthroscopically assisted treatment of intraosseous ganglions of the lunate: A new techniqueAshwood, N.; Bain, G.
2011An articular-based approach to Kienbock avascular necrosis of the lunateBain, G.; Durrant, A.
1997Assessment of nerve root function in the upper and lower limbPohl, A.
1995Assessment of spinal cord blood flow and function in sheep following antero-lateral cervical interbody fusionCain, Christopher Marden John; Langston, P. G.; Weston, P. F.; Fraser, Robert D.
2014Assessment of the initial viscoelastic properties of a critical segmental long bone defect reconstructed with impaction bone grafting and intramedullary nailingCosti, J.; Stanley, R.; Ding, B.; Solomon, L.
2002An assessment of the potential for intradiscal electrothermal therapy (IDET) to denervate posterior annular lesionsFreeman, B.; Walters, R.; Moore, R.; Vernon-Roberts, B.; Fraser, R.
2012Assessment of validity, reliability, responsiveness and bias of three commonly used patient-reported outcome measures in carpal tunnel syndromeBakhsh, H.; Ibrahim, I.; Khan, W.; Smitham, P.; Goddard, N.
2014Association between index-to-ring finger length ratio and risk of severe knee and hip osteoarthritis requiring total joint replacementHussain, S.; Wang, Y.; Muller, D.; Wluka, A.; Giles, G.; Manning, J.; Graves, S.; Cicuttini, F.
2009An association between lunate morphology and scaphoid-trapezium-trapezoid arthritisMcLean, J.; Turner, P.; Bain, G.; Rezaian, N.; Field, J.; Fogg, Q.
2014Associations between socioeconomic status and primary total knee joint replacements performed for osteoarthritis across Australia 2003-10: data from the Australian Orthopaedic Association National Joint Replacement RegistryBrennan, S.; Lane, S.; Lorimer, M.; Buchbinder, R.; Wluka, A.; Page, R.; Osborne, R.; Pasco, J.; Sanders, K.; Cashman, K.; Ebeling, P.; Graves, S.
2018Asymptomatic population reference values for three knee patient-reported outcomes measures: evaluation of an electronic data collection system and implications for future international, multi-centre cohort studiesMcLean, J.; Brumby-Rendell, O.; Lisle, R.; Brazier, J.; Dunn, K.; Gill, T.; Hill, C.; Mandziak, D.; Leith, J.
2011The Australian arthroplasty thromboprophylaxis surveyMolnar, R.; Jenkin, D.; Millar, M.; Campbell, D.; Harris, I.