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Type: Journal article
Title: Recent cases
Citation: Adelaide Law Review, 1963; 2(1):100-132
Publisher: Adelaide Law Review Association, School of Law, University of Adelaide
Issue Date: 1963
ISSN: 0065-1915
Contents: Goodwin v. Brebner (Trading Stamp Act, 1924-1935) Coupons and Cut Prices pp. 100-103. White and Carter (Councils) Ltd. v. McGregor (Anticipatory Breach) Right of Plaintiff to Perform pp.103-112. Chapman v. Hearse (Negligence) Novus actus interveniens - rescuer killed by negligence of third party - apportionment of liability - contributory negligence of rescuer pp. 112-117. Stuart v. Dundan (Parol Evidence) pp. 117-121. Beard v. Brebner (Police Offences Act) Unlawful Possession pp. 121-124. Gartner v. Kidman (Riparian Rights) Prevention of surface flow from higher land pp. 125-129. Black's Ltd. v. Rix (Real Property Act 1886-1961) Equity and the Torrens System - Scheme of Development pp.129-132.
Keywords: Case law
Appears in Collections:ALR Vol. 2, Noes 1-3, 1963-1966

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