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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Curriculum renewal in English language teaching and learning in Albania: an exploration of the language learning pedagogy underpinning the teaching and learning of English in elementary schools in AlbaniaKuci, Irma
2016Geographical variations in public perceptions and responses to heat and heatwave warningsWolanin, Anna
2017Workplace violence against nurses working in emergency departments in Saudi Arabia: a cross-sectional studyAlshehri, Fuaad Ali
2016Interdisciplinary health team’s experience in mobilising postoperative orthopaedic patients with altered mental status in a private hospital setting: a phenomenological studyDecoyna, Jovie Ann Alawas
2017The Factors Associated With the Occurrence of Medication Errors in the Ministry of Health Hospitals in Saudi Arabia: A Cross-Sectional Study of NursesAL Qrishah, Mohammad Hassan
2016The marketing of sugar-sweetened beverages to young people on social mediaBrownbill, Aimee Lee
2016Intergenomic SNPs reveal putative spontaneous chromosomal interchanges between chromosomes 7A and 7D of wheatNguyen, Phuoc Xuan
2016Assessing the adoption of NEWEST rice and likelihood and extent of gene flow between NERICA 4 and selected rice varieties in GhanaNunoo, Joseph
2016Epigenetic analysis of an early flowering phenotype in Corymbia ficifolia induced by in vitro micropropagationDelano, Paulina Vielma
2017A difficult path to walk: Critical Care Nurses’ lived experience of crucial conversations: perspectives from one Australian teamBesic, Nihada