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1955X-ray crystallography and the crystal structure of parabanic acid / a thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the University of Adelaide by E.H. Medlin.Medlin, E. H. (Edwin Harry)
2013XAS studies of metal speciation in hydrothermal fluidsTian, Yuan
1981Xavier Herbert's Capricornia : ironic structure and imaginative visionMcDougall, Russell John
1978Xylitol metabolism and oxalate synthesis in the ratRofe, Allan Malcolm
2003Yang-Mills connections on U(n)-bundles over compact Riemann surfacesLawrence, Peter Ernst
2009Yankunytjatjara continuity and change: a linguistic ecology of the Yankunytjatjara language, with particular emphasis on Coober [Cooper] Pedy, South Australia.Naessan, Petter
1995Yeast pyruvate carboxylase 2 gene (PYC2) and structure-function studies on yeast pyc isozymes / by Dale Lloyd Henry Val.Val, Dale Lloyd Henry
2013'Yet we are told that Australians do not sympathise with Ireland': a study of South Australian support for Irish Home Rule, 1883 to 1912.Breen, Fidelma E.M.
2020Yoga as an intervention for anxiety in children and adolescents: A meta-analysisCroft, Alana
2017You can’t be a feminist and be a daughter-in-law: negotiations of honour and womanhood in urban NepalHoman, Sarah Faye Eliza
2009'You can’t make owt from nowt': official responses to the impact of unemployment upon the community in the Lancashire weaving area in the early 1930s.Hall, Ellen
2002Young people's health in Australia in the 1980s : a social history / Judith Peppard.Peppard, Judith
2016Young, non-student workers in casual employment: a core-periphery examination of health outcomesMatthews, Natalie Kojima
2013Yūba : making modern youth, making new Nepal.Greenland, Natalie
2008Zebrafish as a model of genetic disease.Tucker, Ben
1995The zebrafish Danio rerio : a piscine model for biotechnology / Paul John Verma.Verma, Paul John
1975The `Zeitroman' from 1830-1900 / by Roger Hillman.Hillman, Roger
1958Zinc and copper deficiency in plantsRiceman, David Stirling
2012Zinc and genomic stability.Sharif, Razinah
1996Zinc as a subsoil nutrient for cereals / by R.E. Holloway.Holloway, R. E. (Robert Edgcumbe)