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2024A new method to measure aquaporin-facilitated membrane diffusion of hydrogen peroxide and cations in plant suspension cellsAhmed, J.; Ismail, A.; Ding, L.; Yool, A.J.; Chaumont, F.
2023Repetitive paired-pulse TMS increases motor cortex excitability and visuomotor skill acquisition in young and older adultsHand, B.J.; Merkin, A.; Opie, G.M.; Ziemann, U.; Semmler, J.G.
2023Blood flow rates to leg bones of extinct birds indicate high levels of cursorial locomotionHu, Q.; Miller, C.V.; Snelling, E.P.; Seymour, R.S.
2023Modulation of dorsal premotor cortex differentially influences I‐wave excitability in primary motor cortex of young and older adultsLiao, W.; Opie, G.M.; Ziemann, U.; Semmler, J.G.
2023Exposure of anti-infective drugs and the dynamic changes of the gut microbiota during gastrointestinal mucositis in autologous stem cell transplant patients: a pilot studyMärtson, A.-G.; da Silva Ferreira, A.R.; Veringa, A.; Liu, L.; Wardill, H.R.; Junier, L.A.T.; van der Werf, T.S.; Harmsen, H.J.M.; Sturkenboom, M.G.G.; Span, L.F.; Tissing, W.J.E.; Alffenaar, J.-W.C.
2023Endothelium-dependent relaxation is impaired in Schlager hypertensive (BPH/2J) mice by region-specific mechanisms in conductance and resistance arteriesJelinic, M.; Jackson, K.L.; O'Sullivan, K.; Singh, J.; Giddy, T.; Deo, M.; Parry, L.J.; Ritchie, R.H.; Woodman, O.L.; Head, G.A.; Leo, C.H.; Qin, C.X.
2022Motor cortex plasticity is greater in endurance-trained cyclists following acute exerciseHand, B.J.; Opie, G.M.; Sidhu, S.K.; Semmler, J.G.
2022Intimate partner violence during infancy and cognitive outcomes in middle childhood: Results from an Australian community-based mother and child cohort studySavopoulos, P.; Brown, S.; Anderson, P.J.; Gartland, D.; Bryant, C.; Giallo, R.
2022Motor cortex plasticity and visuomotor skill learning in upper and lower limbs of endurance-trained cyclistsHand, B.J.; Opie, G.M.; Sidhu, S.K.; Semmler, J.G.
2022Neuroimmunological complications arising from chemotherapy-induced gut toxicity and opioid exposure in female dark agouti ratsBajic, J.; Howarth, G.; Mashtoub, S.; Whittaker, A.; Bobrovskaya, L.; Hutchinson, M.R.
20225-Fluorouracil Induces an Acute Reduction in Neurogenesis and Persistent Neuroinflammation in a Mouse Model of the Neuropsychological Complications of ChemotherapySubramaniam, C.B.; Wardill, H.R.; Davies, M.R.; Heng, V.; Gladman, M.A.; Bowen, J.M.
2021Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) in autism spectrum disorder: protocol for a multicentre randomised controlled clinical trialEnticott, P.G.; Barlow, K.; Guastella, A.J.; Licari, M.K.; Rogasch, N.C.; Middeldorp, C.M.; Clark, S.R.; Vallence, A.-M.; Boulton, K.A.; Hickie, I.B.; Whitehouse, A.J.O.; Galletly, C.; Alvares, G.A.; Fujiyama, H.; Heussler, H.; Craig, J.M.; Kirkovski, M.; Mills, N.T.; Rinehart, N.J.; Donaldson, P.H.; et al.
2021Autofluorescent imprint of chronic constriction nerve injury identified by deep learningGosnell, M.E.; Staikopoulos, V.; Anwer, A.G.; Mahbub, S.B.; Hutchinson, M.R.; Mustafa, S.; Goldys, E.M.
2021Morphology of the nutrient artery and its foramen in relation to femoral bone perfusion rates of laying and non-laying hensHu, Q.; Nelson, T.J.; Seymour, R.S.
2021Age-related changes in motor cortex plasticity assessed with non-invasive brain stimulation: an update and new perspectivesSemmler, J.G.; Hand, B.J.; Sasaki, R.; Merkin, A.; Opie, G.M.
2021Regional femoral bone blood flow rates in laying and non-laying chickens estimated with fluorescent microspheresHu, Q.; Nelson, T.J.; Seymour, R.S.
2021Nicotine and its metabolite cotinine target MD2 and inhibit TLR4 signalingLi, H.; Peng, Y.; Lin, C.; Zhang, X.; Zhang, T.; Wang, Y.; Li, Y.; Wu, S.; Wang, H.; Hutchinson, M.R.; Watkins, L.R.; Wang, X.
2020Recurrent Motion Neural Network for Low Resolution Drone DetectionPratt, H.; Evans, B.; Rowntree, T.; Reid, I.; Wiederman, S.; Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications (DICTA) (29 Nov 2020 - 2 Dec 2020 : virtual online)
2020The microbiota-gut-brain axis: an emerging therapeutic target in chemotherapy-induced cognitive impairmentSubramaniam, C.B.; Bowen, J.M.; Gladman, M.A.; Lustberg, M.B.; Mayo, S.J.; Wardill, H.R.
2020Bone foramen dimensions and blood flow calculation: best practicesHu, Q.; Nelson, T.J.; Seymour, R.S.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 504