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2001Three-dimensional inviscid waves in buoyant boundary layer flowsDenier, James Patrick; Stott, Jillian A. K.; Bassom, Andrew Peter
2001An experimental verification of the inverse transient technique for leak detectionVitkovsky, J.; Lambert, M.; Simpson, A.; Wang, X.; Michael Wallis; Conference on Hydraulics in Civil Engineering (6th : 2001 : Hobart, Tas.)
2001Light quark masses: A status report at DPF 2000Gupta, R.; Maltman, Kim
2001Determination of (p p)I=2 Q7,80 in the chiral limitCirigliano, Vincenzo; Donoghue, J. F.; Golowich, Eugene; Maltman, Kim
2001Nuclear shadowing in polarized deep inelastic scattering on ⁶Li D at small x and its effect on the extraction of the deuteron spin structure function gdi(x,Q²)Guzey, Vadim
2001Elevated CO2 and sunflecks interact to increase photosynthesis and growth in the tropical rainforest tree seedling Shorea leprosulaLeakey, A.; Press, M.; Scholes, J.; Watling, J.; PS2001 proceedings : 12th International Congress on Photosynthesis (2001 : Brisbane, Queensland)
2001Statistical modelling and prediction associated with the HIV/AIDS epidemicSolomon, P.; Wilson, S.
2001FAM deubiquitylating enzyme is essential for preimplantation mouse embryo developmentPantaleon, Marie; Kanai-Azuma, Masami; Mattick, John S.; Kaibuchi, Kozo; Kaye, Peter L.; Wood, Stephen Andrew
2001CRTR-1, a developmentally regulated transcriptional repressor related to the CP2 family of transcription factorsRodda, Stephen James; Sharma, Shiwani; Scherer, Michaela Anne; Chapman, Gavin; Rathjen, Peter David
2001Mouse ES cells: experimental exploitation of pluripotent differentiation potentialRathjen, Joy R.; Rathjen, Peter David