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2023Macroecological and biogeographical patterns of limb reduction in the world's skinksCamaiti, M.; Evans, A.R.; Hipsley, C.A.; Hutchinson, M.N.; Meiri, S.; de Oliveira Anderson, R.; Slavenko, A.; Chapple, D.G.
2023Addressing prey naivety in native mammals by accelerating selection for antipredator traitsMoseby, K.; Van der Weyde, L.; Letnic, M.; Blumstein, D.T.; West, R.; Bannister, H.
2023Revisiting the late Quaternary fossiliferous infills of Cathedral Cave, Wellington Caves (central eastern New South Wales, Australia)Fusco, D.A.; Arnold, L.J.; Gully, G.A.; Levchenko, V.A.; Jacobsen, G.E.; Prideaux, G.J.
2023Understanding China's political will for sustainability and conservation gainsCheung, H.; Feng, Y.P.; Hinsley, A.; Lee, T.M.; Possingham, H.P.; Smith, S.N.; Thomas-Walters, L.; Wang, Y.; Biggs, D.
2023The use of different 16S rRNA gene variable regions in biogeographical studies.Varliero, G.; Lebre, P.H.; Stevens, M.I.; Czechowski, P.; Makhalanyane, T.; Cowan, D.A.
2022Spin-forbidden near-infrared luminescence from a F₃⁺ colour centre generated upon annealing in mechanochemically prepared nanocrystalline BaLiF₃.Chowdhury, N.; Hutchison, W.; Riesen, N.; Krausz, E.; Riesen, H.
2022Aligning ecological compensation policies with the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework to achieve real net gain in biodiversitySimmonds, J.S.; von Hase, A.; Quétier, F.; Brownlie, S.; Maron, M.; Possingham, H.P.; Souquet, M.; zu Ermgassen, S.O.S.E.; ten Kate, K.; Costa, H.M.; Sonter, L.J.
2022Predicting the optimal amount of time to spend learning before designating protected habitat for threatened speciesCamaclang, A.E.; Chadès, I.; Martin, T.G.; Possingham, H.P.
2022Trade-offs between efficiency, equality and equity in restoration for flood protectionVillarreal-Rosas, J.; Vogl, A.L.; Sonter, L.J.; Possingham, H.P.; Rhodes, J.R.
2022The impacts of land use change on flood protection services among multiple beneficiariesVillarreal-Rosas, J.; Wells, J.A.; Sonter, L.J.; Possingham, H.P.; Rhodes, J.R.
2022From Climate Change to Pandemics: Decision Science Can Help Scientists Have ImpactBaker, C.M.; Campbell, P.T.; Chades, I.; Dean, A.J.; Hester, S.M.; Holden, M.H.; McCaw, J.M.; McVernon, J.; Moss, R.; Shearer, F.M.; Possingham, H.P.
2022Rapid evolution fuels transcriptional plasticity to ocean acidificationKang, J.; Nagelkerken, I.; Rummer, J.L.; Rodolfo-Metalpa, R.; Munday, P.L.; Ravasi, T.; Schunter, C.
2022Whole-body endothermy: ancient, homologous and widespread among the ancestors of mammals, birds and crocodyliansGrigg, G.; Nowack, J.; Bicudo, J.E.P.W.; Bal, N.C.; Woodward, H.N.; Seymour, R.S.
2022Towards climate-smart, three-dimensional protected areas for biodiversity conservation in the high seasBrito-Morales, I.; Schoeman, D.S.; Everett, J.D.; Klein, C.J.; Dunn, D.C.; Garcia Molinos, J.; Burrows, M.T.; Camille V. Buenafe, K.; Mar Dominguez, R.; Possingham, H.P.; Richardson, A.J.
2022Bringing citizen science to life: Evaluation of a national citizen science program for public benefitIsley, C.F.; Fry, K.L.; Sharp, E.L.; Taylor, M.P.
2022Climate-Friendly Seafood: The potential for emissions reduction and carbon capture in marine aquacultureJones, A.; Alleway, H.; Reis Santos, P.; Mcafee, D.; Theuerkauf, S.; Jones, R.
2022Time-resolved hadronic particle acceleration in the recurrent nova RS Ophiuchi.H.E.S.S. Collaboration* †; Aharonian, F.; Ait Benkhali, F.; Angüner, E.O.; Ashkar, H.; Backes, M.; Baghmanyan, V.; Barbosa Martins, V.; Batzofin, R.; Becherini, Y.; Berge, D.; Bernlöhr, K.; Bi, B.; Böttcher, M.; Boisson, C.; Bolmont, J.; de Bony de Lavergne, M.; Breuhaus, M.; Brose, R.; Brun, F.; et al.
2022Temperature compensated fiber optic magnetic sensor based on the combination interference principle.Yu, Q.; Li, X.; Zhou, X.; Gao, X.; Lv, R.; Nguyen, L.V.; Warren-Smith, S.C.; Zhao, Y.
2022Temperature Compensated Magnetic Field Sensor Using Magnetic Fluid Filled Exposed Core Microstructure FiberYu, Q.; Li, X.-G.; Zhou, X.; Chen, N.; Wang, S.; Li, F.; Lv, R.-Q.; Nguyen, L.; Warren-Smith, S.C.; Zhao, Y.
2022What Is Genetic Diversity and Why Does it Matter?Minter, M.; Nielsen, E.S.; Blyth, C.; Bertola, L.D.; Kantar, M.B.; Morales, H.E.; Orland, C.; Segelbacher, G.; Leigh, D.M.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 6002