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2020V-PROM: A benchmark for visual reasoning using visual progressive matricesTeney, D.; Wang, P.; Cao, J.; Liu, L.; Shen, C.; Van Den Hengel, A.; Thirty-Fourth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) (7 Feb 2020 - 12 Feb 2020 : New York, USA)
1997V-shaped pillows and unsafe infant sleepingByard, R.; Beal, S.
2013V-θ control of inverters used in SPM wind turbine generatorsPathmanathan, M.; Soong, W.; Ertugrul, N.; European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications (15th : 2013 : Lille, France)
2000Va24+ NK T-cell deficiency in blood is present in Crohn's disease but not in ulcerative colitisCummins, A.; Grose, R.; Thompson, F.; Australian Gastroenterology Week 2000 (18 Oct 2000 : Hobart, Australia)
2021Vacancy Visual Analytics Method: Evaluating adaptive reuse as an urban regeneration strategy through understanding vacancyArmstrong, G.; Soebarto, V.; Zuo, J.
2013Vaccination against Streptococcus pneumoniae using truncated derivatives of polyhistidine triad protein DPlumptre, C.; Ogunniyi, A.; Paton, J.
1995Vaccination and SIDS - Information from the South Australian SIDS databaseByard, R.; MacKenzie, J.; Beal, S.
1999Vaccination of children following a previous hypotonic-hyporesponsive episodeGoodwin, H.; Nash, M.; Gold, M.; Heath, T.; Burgess, M.
2006Vaccination of ducks with a whole-cell vaccine expressing duck hepatitis B virus core antigen elicits antiviral immune responses that enable rapid resolution of de novo infectionMiller, D.; Halpern, M.; Kotlarski, I.; Jilbert, A.
2013Vaccination with conserved regions of erythrocyte-binding antigens induces neutralizing antibodies against multiple strains of Plasmodium falciparumHealer, J.; Thompson, J.; Riglar, D.; Wilson, D.; Chiu, Y.; Miura, K.; Chen, L.; Hodder, A.; Long, C.; Hansen, D.; Baum, J.; Cowman, A.
2005Vaccinations for waste-handling workers. A review of the literatureTooher, R.; Griffin, T.; Shute, E.; Maddern, G.
2005Vaccine comprising recombinant CIpP protein of streptococcus PneumoniaeRhee, D.; Kwon, H.; Choi, M.; Ogunniyi, A.; Paton, J.; Nam, Sang-Sun
2017Vaccine decision-making begins in pregnancy: correlation between vaccine concerns, intentions and maternal vaccination with subsequent childhood vaccine uptakeDanchin, M.; Costa-Pinto, J.; Atwell, K.; Willaby, H.; Wiley, K.; Hoq, M.; Leask, J.; Perrett, K.; O'Keefe, J.; Giles, M.; Marshall, H.
2011Vaccines against Streptococcus pneumoniaePaton, J.; Rappuoli, R.; Bagnoli, F.
2016Vaccines in pregnancy: the dual benefit for pregnant women and infantsMarshall, H.; McMillan, M.; Andrews, R.; Macartney, K.; Edwards, K.
2012Vacuolar glyphosate-sequestration correlates with glyphosate resistance in ryegrass (Lolium spp.) from Australia, South America, and Europe: A (31)P NMR investigationGe, X.; d'Avignon, D.; Ackerman, J.; Collavo, A.; Sattin, M.; Ostrander, E.; Hall, E.; Sammons, R.; Preston, C.
2017Vacuolation activity and intracellular trafficking of ArtB, the binding subunit of an AB5 toxin produced by Salmonella enterica Serovar TyphiHerdman, B.P.; Paton, J.C.; Wang, H.; Beddoe, T.; Paton, A.W.
2012Vacuum stability, perturbativity, EWPD and Higgs-to-diphoton rate in type II seesaw modelsChun, E.; Lee, H.; Sharma, P.
2008Vacuum structure revealed by over-improved stout-link smearing compared with the overlap analysis for quenched QCDIlgenfritz, E.; Leinweber, D.; Moran, P.; Koller, K.; Schierholz, G.; Weinberg, V.
2012Vacuum vapour phase polymerization of high conductivity PEDOT: role of PEG-PPG-PEG, the origin of water, and choice of oxidantMueller, M.; Fabretto, M.; Evans, D.; Hojati-Talemi, P.; Gruber, C.; Murphy, P.