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2014Severe haemosiderin pigmentation after intravenous iron infusionThompson, J.; Pavord, S.; Lim, K.
2012pH-responsive NIR enhanced drug release from gold nanocages possesses high potency against cancer cellsShi, P.; Qu, K.; Wang, J.; Li, M.; Ren, J.; Qu, X.
2014Survivorship of hip and knee implants in pediatric and young adult populationsSedrakyan, A.; Romero, L.; Graves, S.; Davidson, D.; de Steiger, R.; Lewis, P.; Solomon, M.; Vial, R.; Lorimer, M.
2014Chest physiotherapy for pneumonia in childrenLisy, K.
2014Use of bisphosphonates in childrenCheng, A.; Sambrook, P.; Goss, A.
2014Soda consumption is associated with negative behavior in young childrenShi, Z.
2015Fatigue is a major issue for children and adolescents with physical disabilitiesMaher, C.; Crettenden, A.; Evans, K.; Thiessen, M.; Toohey, M.; Watson, A.; Dollman, J.
2012Strategies for annotation and curation of translational databases: the eTUMOUR projectJulià-Sapé, M.; Lurgi, M.; Mier, M.; Estanyol, F.; Rafael, X.; Candiota, A.; Barceló, A.; García, A.; Martínez-Bisbal, M.; Ferrer-Luna, R.; Moreno-Torres, A.; Celda, B.; Arús, C.
2014Prevention of preterm parturitionHermans, F.; Kazemier, B.; Mol, B.
2015CareTrack Kids - part 1. Assessing the appropriateness of healthcare delivered to Australian children: study protocol for clinical indicator developmentWiles, L.; Hooper, T.; Hibbert, P.; White, L.; Mealing, N.; Jaffe, A.; Cowell, C.; Harris, M.; Runciman, W.; Goldstein, S.; Hallahan, A.; Wakefield, J.; Murphy, E.; Lau, A.; Wheaton, G.; Williams, H.; Hughes, C.; Braithwaite, J.