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2009IFPA meeting 2008 workshops reportLash, G.; Ansari, T.; Bischof, P.; Burton, G.; Chamley, L.; Crocker, I.; Dantzer, V.; Desoye, G.; Drewlo, S.; Fazleabas, A.; Jansson, T.; Keating, S.; Kliman, H.; Lang, I.; Mayhew, T.; Meiri, H.; Miller, R.; Nelson, D.; Pfarrer, C.; Roberts, C.; et al.
2009Hybridisation of process-based ecosystem models with evolutionary algorithms: multi-objective optimisation of process and parameter representations of the lake simulation library SAMO-OOCao, H.; Recknagel, F.
2009Immunohistochemistry study on expression of Tumor Necrosis Factor Like Weak Inducer of Apoptosis (TWEAK) and its receptor FN14 in normal and periodontitis tissues.Kataria, Nupur Grover
2009Chemokines and chemokine receptors in cancer progressionAkekawatchai, C.; Kochetkova, M.; Holland, J.; McColl, S.
2009Single domain antibodies for detection of GVBMasri, A.; Rast, H.; Habili, N.; Meeting of the International Council for the Study of Virus and Virus-like Diseases of the Grapevine (16th : 2009 : Dijon, France)
2009Sail AwayNorth, I.
2009The dialectic of creativity and ownership in intellectual property discourseMoutu, Andrew
2009Promoting pregnancy health: Unintended consequences and the reinforcement of maternal responsibilityDelany, T.; State Population Health Conference (2009 : Adelaide, Australia)
2009Employers' perceptions of graduate competencies and future trends in higher vocational education in ChinaVelde, Christine Robyn
2009High extinction ratio robust evanescent PM fibre couplerMurphy, Dominic F.; Hussey, Conleth D.; Photonics Ireland (2009 : Cork, Ireland)