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2005High performance RF CMOS VCOs for wireless communication.Kim, Tae Youn
2005'The Nomos of the Modern': Sociology and the Culture of Exception [book review]McLoughlin, Daniel Paul
2005Trade in services: policy options and implications for Australia-Asia relationsFindlay, Christopher Charles
2005High resolution pulsed spectroscopic source using an injection-seeded optical parametric oscillator/amplifier systemBaldwin, K.; Kono, M.; Orr, B.; He, Y.; White, R.; International Quantum Electronics Conference and Pacific Rim Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (2005 : Tokyo, Japan )
2005Movement of carbon among estuarine habitats and its assimilation by invertebratesConnolly, R. M.; Gorman, Daniel; Guest, Michaela A.
2005Cytochrome P450 2E1 as a mediator of transgenerational toxicitySchjenken, J.; ASMR National Scientific Conference on Hormones Fertility and Cancer (44th : 2005 : Queensland, Australia)
2005Integrated all-optical chalcogenide waveguide pulse regenerator: experiment and modelingTa'eed, V.; Shokooh-Saremi, M.; Fu, L.; Moss, D.; Rochette, M.; Littler, I.; Eggleton, B.; Ruan, Y.; Luther-Davies, B.; Annual Meeting of the IEEE Lasers and Electro-Optics Society (18th : 2005 : Sydney, NSW)
2005Trade for development: UN Mmillenium project, task force on tradeZedillo, E.; Messerlin, P.; Nielson, J.; Allen, M.; Anderson, K.; Brown, D.; Diaz-Bonilla, E.; Dobson, W.; FitzGerald, N.; Hoekman, B.; Jha, V.; Low, P.; Melendez-Ortiz, R.; Pangestu, M.; Puri, L.; Thomas, H.
2005Blood loss after total knee replacement: Effects of computer-assisted surgeryKalairajah, Yegappan; Simpson, Donald A.; Cossey, Andrew; Verrall, Geoffrey M.; Spriggins, Anthony John
2005The core of the global warming problem: energyHu, E.