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2004Treatment of arbitrary-shaped boundaries with the finite-volume time-domain (FVTD) methodBaumann, D.; Fumeaux, C.; Vahldieck, R.; International Wroclaw Symposium and Exhibition on Electromagnetic Compatibility (2004 : Wroclaw, Poland)
2004Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors as adjunctive therapy in patients with persistent atrial fibrillationZaman, A.; Kearney, M.; Schecter, C.; Worthley, C.; Nolan, J.
2004Thromboxane receptor stimulation associated with loss of SKCa activity and reduced EDHF responses in the rat isolated mesenteric arteryCrane, G.; Garland, C.
2004Method of best hybrid approximations for constructing fixed rank optimal estimatorsHowlett, Phil; Pearce, Charles Edward Miller; Torokhti, Anatoli; World Congress of the Bernoulli Society for Mathematical Statistics and Probablility (6th : 2004 : Barcelona, Spain)
2004Coronary flow velocity reserve does not correlate with TIMI frame count in patients undergoing non-emergency percutaneous coronary interventionChugh, S.; Koppel, J.; Scott, M.; Shewchuk, L.; Goodhart, D.; Bonan, R.; Tardif, J.C.; Worthley, S.; DiMario, C.; Curtis, M.; Meredith, I.; Anderson, T.
2004Dispersion measurements across broad wavelength ranges by low-coherence interferometryRothwell, J. H.; Murphy, Dominic F.; Alhourani, M.; Flavin, Donal A.; Conference on Emerging Technologies in Optical Sciences (2004 : Cork, Ireland)
2004Was the Black Death caused by Yersinia pestis?Prentice, M.; Gilbert, T.; Cooper, A.
2004Hyperostosis frontalis interna: archaeological evidence of possible microevolution of human sex steroids?Ruhli, F.; Boni, T.; Henneberg, M.
2004FE investigation on spinal interbody fusionLee, Kim Kheng; Teo, Ee Chon; Fuss, Franz Konstantin; Sabitzer, Ronald J.; NTU-SGH Biomedical Engineering Symposium (6th : 2004 : Singapore); International Bioengineering Conference (1st : 2004 : Singapore)
2004Phase II study of capecitabine and mitomycin C as first-line treatment in patients with advanced colorectal cancerRao, S.; Cunningham, D.; Price, T.; Hill, M.; Ross, P.; Tebbutt, N.; Norman, A.; Oates, J.; Shellito, P.