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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001An analysis on language in business letters writing: Reflection on course development of business communicationCheung, M.; International Language in Education Conference (2001 : Hong Kong)
2001Some new concepts in the assessment of composite steel and concrete vehicular bridge beamsOehlers, D.
2001Dans la fournaise / Texte établi, Notice, Variantes et Notes, pp. 1-224; 502-598, par Peter S. Hambly ; Poèmes non recueillis et inédits / Texte etabli, pp. 226-499; 599-814, par Peter J. Edwards et Peter S. Hambly.Hambly, P.; Edwards, P.
2001On the application of a polling model with non-zero walk times and priority processing to a medical emergency-room environmentCicin-Sain, M.; Pearce, Charles Edward Miller; Sunde, J.; International Conference on Information Technology Interfaces (23rd : 2001 : Pula, Croatia)
2001Best estimators of second degree for data analysisHowlett, Phil G.; Pearce, Charles Edward Miller; Torokhti, Anatoli P.; International Conference of Applied Stochastic Models and Data Analysis : ASMDA 2001 (10th : 2001 : Compiègne, France)
2001Optimal successive estimation of observed dataTorokhti, Anatoli; Howlett, Phil; Pearce, Charles Edward Miller; International Conference on Optimization: Techniques and Applications (5th : 2001 : Hong Kong)
2001Radiation hybrid comparative mapping between human chromosome 17 and porcine chromosome 12 demonstrates conservation of gene orderShi, X.-W.; Fitzsimmons, Carolyn Jean; Genet, C.; Prather, R.; Whitworth, K.; Green, J. A.; Tuggle, C. K.
2001The LecturersAnderson, K.; Hancock, K.
2001Data acquisition system of the CANGAROO-III telescopeKubo, H.; Clay, R.; Gunji, S.; Hara, S.; Hara, T.; Itoh, C.; Maeda, S.; Uruma, K.; YoshiKoshi, T.
2001Development of light guides for the camera of CANGAROO-III telescopeKajino, F.; Clay, R.; Hara, S.; Itoh, C.; Kabuki, S.; Kubo, H.; Naito, T.; Uruma, K.; Yoshikoshi, T.