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2008Study of substrate-directed ordering of long double-stranded DNA molecules on bare highly oriented pyrolytic graphite surface based on atomic force microscopy relocation imagingWang, H.; An, H.; Zhang, F.; Zhang, Z.; Ye, M.; Xiu, P.; Zhang, Y.; Hu, J.
2005Phase evolution during the oxidation of monosulfide solid solution under isothermal conditionsWang, H.; Pring, A.; Ngothai, Y.; O'Neill, B.; Australasian Chemical Engineering Conference (33rd : 2005 : Brisbane, Qld.)
2009The ordered residual kernel for robust motion subspace clusteringChin, T.J.; Wang, H.; Suter, D.; Neural Information Processing Systems Conference (2009 : Vancouver, Canada)
2002National study of adverse reactions after vaccination with bacille Calmette-GuérinTurnbull, F.; McIntyre, P.; Achat, H.; Wang, H.; Stapledon, R.; Gold, M.; Burgess, M.
2010Linear discriminant analysis using rotational invariant L₁ normLi, X.; Hu, W.; Wang, H.; Zhang, Z.
2009Human action recognition using pyramid vocabulary treeYuan, C.; Li, X.; Hu, W.; Wang, H.; Asian Conference on Computer Vision (9th : 2009 : Xi'an, China)
2003False-peaks-avoiding mean shift method for unsupervised peak-valley sliding image segmentationWang, H.; Suter, D.; Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications (2003 : Sydney, Australia)
2011Boosting histograms of descriptor distances for scalable multiclass specific scene recognitionChin, T.J.; Suter, D.; Wang, H.
2007Investigation on the morphology of precipitated chemicals from TE buffer on solid substrates.Wang, H.; Zhang, L.; Zhang, F.; An, H.; Chen, S.; Li, H.; Wang, P.; Wang, X.; Wang, Y.; Yang, H.
2003Extracting motion from images: Robust optic flow and structure from motionSuter, D.; Chen, P.; Wang, H.; Australia-Japan Advanced Workshop on Computer Vision (2003 : Adelaide)