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2017Prediction of breakdown pressures and fracture propagation surfaces in a rock material subjected to hydraulic fracturing using intact specimens and specimens with a replicated crackSchwartzkopff, Adam Karl
2017Genetic analysis of reproductive and nut traits in almond [Prunus dulcis (Mill.) D.A. Webb]Goonetilleke, Wasala Adikari Shashiprabha Nilupuli Sridevi Tennakoon
2017Seeing reason: visuospatial ability, sex differences and the Raven’s Progressive MatricesWaschl, Nicolette Amanda
2017Thinking style and health behaviour: a dual-process approach to the prediction of preventive health behavioursMcGuiness, Clare Ellen
2017Lateral violence within the Aboriginal community in Adelaide, South Australia: from dilemmas to strategiesClark, Yvonne
2017Consumer reactions to deal popularity information: cue congruency, perceived authenticity, service types, and cultural differenceKao, (Karen) Chia-Yin
2017Evaluation of low grade bacterial infection of the intervertebral discFisher, Thomas James
2017The effect of folic acid and methionine deficiency and excess on DNA damage and cancer growth in HT29 colon cancer cells and the Apc Min mouse modelTeh, Arnida Hani
2017Spectral finite element modelling and damage identification of beam-like structures using linear and nonlinear guided wavesHe, Shuai
2017Nutrition in survivors of critical illness: an exploration of the effect of nutrition therapy on muscle mass, nutritional status and clinical outcomes after critical illness with a focus on patients with a traumatic brain injuryChapple, Lee-anne Sheree