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2017Cognitive-behavioural therapy for inflammatory bowel disease: 24-month data from a randomised controlled trialMikocka-Walus, A.; Bampton, P.; Hetzel, D.; Hughes, P.; Esterman, A.; Andrews, J.
2009Astigmatic neutrality in biaxial microincision cataract surgeryKaufmann, C.; Krishnan, A.; Landers, J.; Esterman, A.; Thiel, M.; Goggin, M.
2016Emerging drugs for the treatment of angina pectorisChong, C.; Ong, G.; Horowitz, J.
2017Key performance indicators for regional construction supervision systems in ChinaDing, Z.; Wang, J.; Zuo, J.; Gong, W.
2017Lay perspectives on the costs and risks of forgivingStrelan, P.; Crabb, S.; Chan, D.; Jones, L.
2014Emerging opportunities for 'design thinking' to deliver sustainable solutions in the built environmentWilson, K.; Desha, C.; Bucolo, S.; Miller, E.
2017Joint loading and proximal tibia subchondral trabecular bone microarchitecture differ with walking gait patterns in end-stage knee osteoarthritisRoberts, B.; Solomon, L.; Mercer, G.; Reynolds, K.; Thewlis, D.; Perilli, E.
2017Lateral strain-to-axial strain model for concrete-filled FRP tube columns incorporating interface gap and prestressed confinementVincent, T.; Ozbakkaloglu, T.
2017Joining of carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) composites and aluminium alloys - a reviewPramanik, A.; Basak, A.; Dong, Y.; Sarker, P.; Uddin, M.; Littlefair, G.; Dixit, A.; Chattopadhyaya, S.
2017Knowledge and practices regarding iodine supplementation: a national survey of healthcare providersGuess, K.; Malek, L.; Anderson, A.; Makrides, M.; Zhou, S.