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2016Crustal evolution and metallogeny in relation to mantle dynamics: a perspective from P-wave tomography of the South China BlockHe, C.; Santosh, M.
2016Crustal architecture and tectonic evolution of the Cauvery Suture Zone, southern IndiaChetty, T.; Yellappa, T.; Santosh, M.
2008Acetic acid bacteria spoilage of bottled red wine-a reviewBartowsky, E.; Henschke, P.
2017Calibration of the logarithmic-periodic dipole antenna (LPDA) radio stations at the Pierre Auger Observatory using an octocopterAab, A.; Abreu, P.; Aglietta, M.; Al Samarai, I.; Albuquerque, I.; Allekotte, I.; Almela, A.; Castillo, J.; Alvarez-Muiniz, J.; Anastasi, G.; Anchordoqui, L.; Andrada, B.; Andringa, S.; Aramo, C.; Arqueros, F.; Arsene, N.; Asorey, H.; Assis, P.; Avila, G.; Badescu, A.; et al.
2011A systematic review of the psychometric properties of self-report research utilization measures used in healthcareSquires, J.; Estabrooks, C.; O'Rourke, H.; Gustavsson, P.; Newburn-Cook, C.; Wallin, L.
2017Three-dimensional BiOI/BiOX (X = Cl or Br) nanohybrids for enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activityLiu, Y.; Xu, J.; Wang, L.; Zhang, H.; Xu, P.; Duan, X.; Sun, H.; Wang, S.
2009Accelerating loss of seagrasses across the globe threatens coastal ecosystems'Waycott, M.; Duarte, C.; Carruthers, T.; Orth, R.; Dennison, W.; Olyarnik, S.; Calladine, A.; Fourqurean, J.; Heck, K.; Hughes, A.; Kendrick, G.; Kenworthy, W.; Short, F.; Williams, S.
2007Relationship between follicle size and oocyte developmental competence in prepubertal and adult pigsBagg, M.; Nottle, M.; Armstrong, D.; Grupen, C.
2016A review of Australian approaches for monitoring, assessing and reporting estuarine condition: II. State and Territory programsHallett, C.; Valesini, F.; Scanes, P.; Crawford, C.; Gillanders, B.; Pope, A.; Udy, J.; Fortune, J.; Townsend, S.; Barton, J.; Ye, Q.; Ross, D.; Martin, K.; Glasby, T.; Maxwell, P.
2001Molecular analysis of an interspecific hybrid ornamental eucalypt for parental identificationDelaporte, K.; Collins, G.; Conran, J.; Sedgley, M.