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2015Impact Sedimentation of the Tookoonooka and Talundilly marine impact structures, Australia: an impact reservoir generated by cratering in a petroleum basinBron, Katherine Ann
2015Effects of n-3 LCPUFA supplementation for pregnant and lactating women in preventing allergic diseases in early childhoodWickrama Gunaratne, Anoja
2017Long read reference genome-free reconstruction of a full-length transcriptome from Astragalus membranaceus reveals transcript variants involved in bioactive compound biosynthesisLi, J.; Harata-Lee, Y.; Denton, M.; Feng, Q.; Rathjen, J.; Qu, Z.; Adelson, D.
2016A prospective observational study of the effect of critical illness on ultrastructural and microscopic morphology of duodenal mucosaLiew, V.; Chapman, M.; Nguyen, N.; Cousins, C.; Plummer, M.; Chapple, L.; Ali Abdelhamid, Y.; Manton, N.; Swalling, A.; Sutton-Smith, P.; Burt, A.; Deane, A.
2017[ EMBARGOED ] Means and ends: macroeconomic theory and the Australian Labor party’s social democratic ideologyCaunce, Thomas Peter
2017Cell adhesion molecules are altered during irinotecan-induced mucositis: a qualitative histopathological studyAl-Dasooqi, N.; Bowen, J.; Bennett, C.; Finnie, J.; Keefe, D.; Gibson, R.
2015[5]RadialeneMackay, E.; Newton, C.; Toombs-Ruane, H.; Lindeboom, E.; Fallon, T.; Willis, A.; Paddon-Row, M.; Sherburn, M.
2016The enhanced binary single machine equivalent method for transient stability limit searchingTan, Hui-Min
2017Community perspectives on the use of regulation and law for obesity prevention in children: A citizens' juryStreet, J.; Sisnowski, J.; Tooher, R.; Farrell, L.; Braunack-Mayer, A.
2017Map learning and working memory: multimodal learning strategiesKnight, M.; Tlauka, M.