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dc.contributor.authorDavidsson, P.-
dc.contributor.authorGordon, S.-
dc.contributor.authorSteffens, P.-
dc.contributor.editorIndustry Policy and Analaysis Branch-
dc.descriptionThe publication was prepared by the Industry Policy and Analysis Branch in the Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education-
dc.description.abstractIn this chapter, the picture of Australian small business is supplemented by using data from the Comprehensive Australian Study of Entrepreneurial Emergence (CAUSEE) . This data tracks large numbers of on-going business start-ups over time. The Australian Centre of Entrepreneurship Research at Queensland University of Technology collected data in four annual waves. (Wave 1 to Wave 4) from 2007 to 2011. CAUSEE allows the analysis of entrepreneurial entrants at two stages of development, i.e. nascent and young firms. Nascent firms are defined as firms in the process of being created, but not yet established in the market, and young firms are defined as having been operational for up to four years. An analysis of nascent firms provides unique insights, as no other known Australian database captures and follows the development of business start-ups at the pre-operational stage. In addition, the project captured judgment over samples of high-potential start-ups.-
dc.publisherCommonwealth of Australia-
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dc.subjectEntrepreneurship; Australian Entrepreneurship; Nascent Entrepreneurship; Business Start-Up; Entrepreneur Statistics; New Venture Founders; Business Survival; Employment; Business Growth; Exports; International Business; Business Confidence; Global Financial Crisis; GFC; Small Business Finance; Innovation; E-commerce; Comprehensive Australian Study of Entrepreneurial Emergence; CAUSEE; Per Davidsson; Scott Gordon; Paul Steffens-
dc.titleEarly stage start-ups : evidence from the Comprehensive Australian Study of Entrepreneurial Emergence (CAUSEE)-
dc.contributor.assigneeCommonwealth of Australia-
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