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2019Detection of trace elements/isotopes in Olympic Dam copper concentrates by nanoSIMSRollog, M.; Cook, N.J.; Guagliardo, P.; Ehrig, K.; Ciobanu, C.L.; Kilburn, M.
2019Realizing large-scale and controllable fabrication of active cobalt oxide nanorod catalysts for zinc-air batteryDa, P.; Wu, M.; Qiu, K.; Yan, D.; Li, Y.; Mao, J.; Dong, C.; Ling, T.; Qiao, S.
2019Recent advances in transition metal-based electrocatalysts for alkaline hydrogen evolutionChen, Z.; Duan, X.; Wei, W.; Wang, S.; Ni, B.
2019Highly efficient and stable negative electrode for asymmetric supercapacitors based on graphene/FeCo₂O₄ nanocomposite hybrid materialChodankar, N.; Dubal, D.; Ji, S.; Kim, D.
2019Hierarchical MoS₂ nanosheets integrated Ti₃C₂ MXenes for electrocatalytic hydrogen evolutionHuang, L.; Ai, L.; Wang, M.; Jiang, J.; Wang, S.
20193D bioprinted nanocellulose-based hydrogels for tissue engineering applications: a brief reviewAthukoralalage, S.; Balu, R.; Dutta, N.; Choudhury, N.
2019An experimental study of the stability and performance characteristics of a Hybrid Solar Receiver Combustor operated in the MILD combustion regimeChinnici, A.; Nathan, G.; Dally, B.
2019Biomaterial surface hydrophobicity-mediated serum protein adsorption and immune responsesVisalakshan, R.; MacGregor, M.; Sasidharan, S.; Ghazaryan, A.; Mierczynska-Vasilev, A.; Morsbach, S.; Mailänder, V.; Landfester, K.; Hayball, J.; Vasilev, K.
2019Metal-organic framework (MOF) derived electrodes with robust and fast lithium storage for Li-ion hybrid capacitorsDubal, D.; Jayaramulu, K.; Sunil, J.; Kment, Š.; Gomez-Romero, P.; Narayana, C.; Zbořil, R.; Fischer, R.
2019Nano-intrinsic true random number generation: a device to data studyKim, J.; Nili, H.; Truong, N.; Ahmed, T.; Yang, J.; Jeong, D.; Sriram, S.; Ranasinghe, D.; Ippolito, S.; Chun, H.; Kavehei, O.
2019Cr–Ag coatings: synthesis, microstructure and antimicrobial propertiesKarami, A.; Zhang, H.; Pederick, V.; McDevitt, C.; Kabir, M.; Xu, S.; Munroe, P.; Zhou, Z.; Xie, Z.
2019Coupled reactive flow and dissolution with changing reactive surface and porosityAltree-Williams, A.; Brugger, J.; Pring, A.; Bedrikovetsky, P.
2019Crystal structure, sensitiveness and theoretical explosive performance of xylitol pentanitrate (XPN)Stark, K.; Alvino, J.; Kirkbride, K.; Sumby, C.; Metha, G.; Lenehan, C.; Fitzgerald, M.; Wall, C.; Mitchell, M.; Prior, C.
2019Robust and tunable hybrid hydrogels from photo-cross-linked soy protein isolate and regenerated silk fibroinDorishetty, P.; Balu, R.; Sreekumar, A.; De Campo, L.; Mata, J.; Choudhury, N.; Dutta, N.
2019Tannic acid-Fe coordination derived Fe/N-doped carbon hybrids for catalytic oxidation processesYao, Y.; Yu, M.; Yin, H.; Wei, F.; Zhang, J.; Hu, H.; Wang, S.
2019The elucidation of reaction kinetics for hydrothermal liquefaction of model macromoleculesObeid, R.; Lewis, D.; Smith, N.; van Eyk, P.
2019Ultrathin nickel-cobalt inorganic-organic hydroxide hybrid nanobelts as highly efficient electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution reactionWang, Y.; Huang, L.; Ai, L.; Wang, M.; Fan, Z.; Jiang, J.; Sun, H.; Wang, S.
2019Tuning MnO₂ to FeOOH replicas with bio-template 3D morphology as electrodes for high performance asymmetric supercapacitorsLi, K.; Liu, X.; Zheng, T.; Jiang, D.; Zhou, Z.; Liu, C.; Zhang, X.; Zhang, Y.; Losic, D.
2019Triggering the passivation effect of potassium doping in mixed-cation mixed-halide perovskite by light illuminationZheng, F.; Chen, W.; Bu, T.; Ghiggino, K.; Huang, F.; Cheng, Y.; Tapping, P.; Kee, T.; Jia, B.; Wen, X.
2019Copper-arsenic Nanoparticles in hematite: fingerprinting fluid-mineral interactionVerdugo Ihl, M.; Ciobanu, C.L.; Slattery, A.; Cook, N.J.; Ehrig, K.; Courtney-Davies, L.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 2337