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2015Bubble-surface interactions with graphite in the presence of adsorbed carboxymethylcelluloseWu, J.; Delcheva, I.; Ngothai, Y.; Krasowska, M.; Beattie, D.
2012Reactive wetting in corrosion: a mild steel exampleNg, L.; Fung, C.; Connor, J.; Ngothai, Y.; Druskovich, D.; Sedev, R.; Annual Conference of the Australasian Corrosion Association (2012 : Melbourne, Victoria)
2008Novel route to synthesize complex metal sulfides: Hydrothermal coupled dissolution-reprecipitation replacement reactionsXia, F.; Zhou, J.; Brugger, J.; Ngothai, Y.; O'Neill, B.; Chen, G.; Pring, A.
2010Fluid geochemistry of habanero site, Cooper Basin, Australia during first circulation test in 2008-2009Yanagisawa, N.; Ngothai, Y.; Wyborn, D.; Geothermal Resources Council Annual meeting (2010 : Sacramento, California)
2010Effect of sodium chloride on the formation and stability of n-dodecane nanoemulsions by the PIT methodLiew, C.; Nguyen, Q.; Ngothai, Y.
2009Mineral filler reinforcement for commingled recycled-plastic materialsPutra, H.; Ngothai, Y.; Ozbakkaloglu, T.; Seracino, R.
2005A low-temperature kinetic study of the exsolution of pentlandite from the monosulfide solid solution using a refined Avrami methodWang, H.; Pring, A.; Ngothai, Y.; O'Neill, B.
2009Investigation of potato starch and sonicated RAS as alternative carbon sources for biological nitrogen removalKuncoro, G.; Ngothai, Y.; Kaeding, U.; Sweeney, D.; O'Neil, B.
2006The optimal SAM surface functional group for producing a biomimetic HA coating on TiLiu, D.; Majewski, P.; O'Neill, B.; Ngothai, Y.; Colby, C.
2010The addition of alkoxy side-chains to biodiesel and the impact on flow propertiesSmith, P.; Ngothai, Y.; Nguyen, Q.; O'Neill, B.