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20180D (MoS₂)/2D (g-C₃N₄) heterojunctions in Z-scheme for enhancedphotocatalytic and electrochemical hydrogen evolutionLiu, Y.; Zhang, H.; Ke, J.; Zhang, J.; Tian, W.; Xu, X.; Duan, X.; Sun, H.; O Tade, M.; Wang, S.
20170D/2D heterojunctions of Vanadate quantum dots/graphitic carbon nitride nanosheets for enhanced visible-light-driven photocatalysisYe, M.; Zhao, Z.; Hu, Z.; Liu, L.; Ji, H.; Shen, Z.; Ma, T.
2017(0D/3D) MoS₂ on porous graphene as catalysts for enhanced electrochemical hydrogen evolutionLiu, Y.; Zhu, Y.; Fan, X.; Wang, S.; Li, Y.; Zhang, F.; Zhang, G.; Peng, W.
2020~1760 Ma magnetite-bearing protoliths in the Olympic Dam deposit, South Australia: implications for ore genesis and regional metallogenyCourtney-Davies, L.; Ciobanu, C.; Verdugo Ihl, M.; Cook, N.; Ehrig, K.; Wade, B.; Zhu, Z.; Kamenetsky, V.
20181D sub-nanotubes with anatase/bronze TiO₂ nanocrystal wall for high-rate and long-life sodium-ion batteriesChen, B.; Meng, Y.; Xie, F.; He, F.; He, C.; Davey, K.; Zhao, N.; Qiao, S.
20191T′-ReS₂ confined in 2D-honeycombed carbon nanosheets as new anode materials for high-performance sodium-ion batteriesChen, B.; Li, H.; Liu, H.; Wang, X.; Xie, F.; Deng, Y.; Hu, W.; Davey, K.; Zhao, N.; Qiao, S.
20152- and 3-Stage temperature ramping for the direct synthesis of adipic acid in micro-flow packed-bed reactorsShang, M.; Noël, T.; Wang, Q.; Su, Y.; Miyabayashi, K.; Hessel, V.; Hasebe, S.
2016A 2.0 V capacitive device derived from shape-preserved metal nitride nanorodsZhu, C.; Sun, Y.; Chao, D.; Wang, X.; Yang, P.; Zhang, X.; Huang, H.; Zhang, H.; Fan, H.
20152013 Danckwerts special issue on molecular modelling in chemical engineeringBiggs, M.; Theodorou, D.
20122D and 3D mapping of microindentations in hydrated and dehydrated cortical bones using confocal laser scanning microscopyYin, L.; Venkatesan, S.; Webb, D.; Kalyanasundaram, S.; Qin, Q.
20092D and 3D simulations of fluid dynamics in the bubble reactor for liquid fuel synthesis: comparisons against experimentsQi, N.; Zhang, K.; Song, Q.; Gao, X.; Zhang, H.; Lu, J.
20192D metal organic framework nanosheet: a universal platform promoting highly efficient visible-light-induced hydrogen productionRan, J.; Qu, J.; Zhang, H.; Wen, T.; Wang, H.; Chen, S.; Song, L.; Zhang, X.; Jing, L.; Zheng, R.; Qiao, S.
2019A 2D metal-organic framework/Ni(OH)₂ heterostructure for an enhanced oxygen evolution reactionZhu, D.; Liu, J.; Wang, L.; Du, Y.; Zheng, Y.; Davey, K.; Qiao, S.
20182D MoN-VN heterostructure to regulate polysulfides for highly efficient lithium-sulfur batteriesYe, C.; Jiao, Y.; Jin, H.; Slattery, A.; Davey, K.; Wang, H.; Qiao, S.
20162D phosphorene as a water splitting photocatalyst: fundamentals to applicationsRahman, M.; Kwong, C.; Davey, K.; Qiao, S.
20162D/2D nano-hybrids of γ-MnO₂ on reduced graphene oxide for catalytic ozonation and coupling peroxymonosulfate activationWang, Y.; Xie, Y.; Sun, H.; Xiao, J.; Cao, H.; Wang, S.
20192H and 4H silver colloidal suspension synthesis, as a new potential drug carrierWojnicki, M.; Tokarski, T.; Hessel, V.; Fitzner, K.; Luty-Błocho, M.
20173-D Finite element modelling of diamond pull-out failure in impregnated diamond bitsXu, J.; Sheikh, A.; Xu, C.
20173D aluminum hybrid plasmonic nanostructures with large areas of dense hot spots and long-term stabilityLi, X.; Bi, M.; Cui, L.; Zhou, Y.; Du, X.; Qiao, S.; Yang, J.
20193D bioprinted nanocellulose-based hydrogels for tissue engineering applications: a brief reviewAthukoralalage, S.; Balu, R.; Dutta, N.; Choudhury, N.