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Type: Patent
Title: Optical Testing Method and Apparatus
Author: Veitch, P.
Issue Date: 2007
Contributor: Sudol, R. Neil
Coleman, Henry D.
Sapone, William J.
Statement of
Invented by P. J. Veitch; Assigned to University of Adelaide; R. N. Sudol, H. D. Coleman and W. J. Sapone agents to inventors.
Abstract: Estimating one or more optical characteristics of a Device-Under-Test (DUT). The method, includes directing an optical wavefront, generated by a source, towards a test location and generating at least one ray from the wavefront at the test location. Then for each ray at two or more measurement planes, each measurement plane transverse to the direction of travel of the wavefront and beyond the test location relative to the source at different optical path distances, measuring respective points of intersection of the ray with the measurement planes with and without the DUT at the test location. Followed by determining the transverse aberration due to the DUT for the ray at each measurement plane; and the estimating for each measurement plane from the determined transverse aberrations the coefficients of a general transverse aberration equation, the coefficients of which are the product of a combination of optical characteristics and the optical distance between the measurement plane and the appropriate principal plane of the DUT. The optical characteristics are calculated from the estimates of the coefficients for each measurement plane and the optical distances between respective measurement planes.
Keywords: US 7307706
Description: PATENT: P. J. Veitch (Assignee: University of Adelaide). US 7307706 (PCT/AU03/00480) filed Apr. 22, 2003; published Dec. 11, 2007; granted until Apr 22, 2023.
Patent #: 7307706
RMID: 0020109820
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