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2023Quantitative PCR overestimation of DNA in samples contaminated with tinBonsu, D.N.O.; Higgins, D.; Simon, C.; Goodwin, C.S.; Henry, J.M.; Austin, J.J.
2023Individuality and stability of the koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) faecal microbiota through timeEisenhofer Philipona, R.; Brice, K.L.; Blyton, M.D.; Bevins, S.E.; Leigh, K.; Singh, B.K.; Helgen, K.M.; Hough, I.; Daniels, C.B.; Speight, N.; Moore, B.D.
2023Allelic bias when performing in-solution enrichment of ancient human DNADavidson, R.; Williams, M.P.; Roca-Rada, X.; Kassadjikova, K.; Tobler, R.; Fehren-Schmitz, L.; Llamas, B.
2023More than dirt: Sedimentary ancient DNA and Indigenous AustraliaLewis, D.A.; Simpson, R.; Hermes, A.; Brown, A.; Llamas, B.
2023Paleogenomic study of the Mexican pastLlamas, B.; Roca-Rada, X.
2022Lip print enhancement: reviewAbedi, M.; Afoakwah, C.; Bonsu, D.O.M.
2022An Outlook for the Acquisition of Marine Sedimentary Ancient DNA (sedaDNA) From North Atlantic Ocean Archive MaterialSelway, C.A.; Armbrecht, L.; Thornalley, D.
2022Late Holocene climate anomaly concurrent with fire activity and ecosystem shifts in the eastern Australian HighlandsThomas, Z.A.; Mooney, S.; Cadd, H.; Baker, A.; Turney, C.; Schneider, L.; Hogg, A.; Haberle, S.; Green, K.; Weyrich, L.S.; Pérez, V.; Moore, N.E.; Zawadzki, A.; Kelloway, S.J.; Khan, S.J.
2022Morphological variation in skull shape and size across extinct and extant populations of the greater stick-nest rat (Leporillus conditor): implications for translocationOnley, I.; Moseby, K.; Austin, J.; Sherratt, E.; Richardson, B.
2022Ethics Reporting in Forensic Science Research Publications - A ReviewBonsu, D.O.M.; Afoakwah, C.B.; Abedi, M.; Higgins, D.; Austin, J.J.
2022The immunogenetic impact of European colonization in the AmericasCollen, E.J.; Johar, A.S.; Teixeira, J.C.; Llamas, B.
2022Sarcoptic mange changes bacterial and fungal microbiota of bare-nosed wombats (Vombatus ursinus)Næsborg-Nielsen, C.; Eisenhofer, R.; Fraser, T.A.; Wilkinson, V.; Burridge, C.P.; Carver, S.
2021Genomic Approaches for Conservation Management in Australia under Climate ChangeOnley, I.; Moseby, K.; Austin, J.
2021Counterfeit formulations: analytical perspective on anorecticsBonsu, D.O.M.; Afoakwah, C.; Aguilar-Caballos, M.D.L.P.
2021Host reproductive cycle influences the pouch microbiota of wild southern hairy-nosed wombats (Lasiorhinus latifrons)Weiss, S.; Taggart, D.; Smith, I.; Helgen, K.M.; Eisenhofer Philipona, R.
2021Signatures of landscape and captivity in the gut microbiota of Southern Hairy-nosed Wombats (Lasiorhinus latifrons)Eisenhofer Philipona, R.; Helgen, K.M.; Taggart, D.
2021Evaluation of the efficiency of Isohelix™ and Rayon swabs for recovery of DNA from metal surfacesBonsu, D.O.M.; Higgins, D.; Henry, J.; Austin, J.J.
2021Effectiveness of decontamination protocols when analyzing ancient DNA preserved in dental calculusFarrer, A.G.; Wright, S.L.; Skelly, E.; Eisenhofer, R.; Dobney, K.; Weyrich, L.S.
2021Spectroscopic (analytical) approach to gunshot residue analysis for shooting distance estimation: a systematic reviewAbedi, M.; Bonsu, D.O.M.; Badu, I.K.; Afoakwah, R.; Ahuja, P.
2021Comparison of Isohelix™ and Rayon swabbing systems for touch DNA recovery from metal surfacesBonsu, D.O.M.; Rodie, M.; Higgins, D.; Henry, J.; Austin, J.J.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 179