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Type: Image collection
Title: Series 9: Geraldton District, Victoria Plains, Dorre and Bernier Islands
Author: Bates, Daisy
Issue Date: 12-Sep-2012
Abstract: 9/7 Photo of men, women and children Verso: New Norcia natives and half castes with Brother Louis. All dead 9/8 Monastery building 1882, New Norcia 9/9 Brother Ramiro with a prize stallion, 1904-6, New Norcia 9/10 Brother Ramiro portrait 9/11 Group photograph New Norcia Mission 1900 9/12 First building, New Norcia Monastery built by Bishop Salvado and his monks in 1846-50 9/13 Dom Fulgentius Torres, second Abbot of New Norcia 9/14 Group of nuns and women and young people from the Drysdale River Benedictine Mission (a branch of New Norcia), sent to me (DB) by Abbot Catalan, New Norcia 1941 9/15 Unidentified Trappist (much faded) 9/16 A brother with a child (both unidentified) 9/17 New Norcia ? (extremely faded) Verso: Dear Father Planes is blotted out. A musical genius, he had to give it up when he entered the New Norcia Monastery. He composed a short but beautiful ‘song without words’ for me during my visit in 1903 or ‘04 9/18 Brother German Mordonah OSB, national de Ceanoone?, Vizcaia, Espana (much faded) 9/19 A group of Aboriginal men and women being transported to Dorre and Bernier Islands on horse carts? Verso: 1906-11, a ghastly experiment, these diseased men and women and young girls huddled together (in spite of tribal magic peers(?) and brought down hundreds of miles from NW to the bleak islands of Dorre and Bernier where they were separated from each other, the men on Bernier Island, the women and girls on Dorre. Hundreds died on both islands until the ghastly experiment was shut down.
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