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Type: Book
Title: 丛林, 性别与澳大利亚历史的重构
Other Titles: Cong lin, xing bie yu Aodaliya li shi de chong gou
Author: Schaffer, K.
Publisher: Guangxi University Press
Publisher Place: China
Issue Date: 2010
ISBN: 9787563397563
Statement of
Kay Schaffer, translated by Hou Shuyun, et al.
Contents: 丛林和女人 -- 土地表象与澳大利亚国家身份认同 -- 芭芭拉•贝因顿:女性如“被选定的容器” -- 亨利•劳森、牧人之妻和批评家们 -- 伊莱扎•弗莱哲的故事以及建构在性别、种族和阶级上的澳洲文化 -- 恐怖词:“女性主义”、后现代消费文化和媒体 -- “虚拟网络系统母体”中的酷女郎们(节选)——挑战网络空间的性别认同 -- 全球和本地语境下对被盗掠一代的叙述 -- 《漫漫回乡路》:伦理关注与观众反馈 -- 迟到的叙述:“老奶奶”讲述二战时被性奴役的故事 -- 奥林匹亚的女儿们:自然或文化的怪胎?
Ch. 1 Bush and women, Ch. 2 Australian National Identity and the land, Ch. 3 Barbara Baynton and women, Ch. 4 Henry Lawson and the drover's wife, Ch. 5 Elisa Fletcher: Gender, race and (other things), Ch. 6 The word of terror: feminism, post consumerism and media, Ch. 7 The cool women of the cyber-net, Ch. 8 Narratives of globalisation and localisation towards the stolen generation, Ch. 9 The Rabbit Proof Fence, Ch. 10 The comfort women of second world war, Ch. 11 Olympia's daughters
Description: Revised edition of: Women and the bush : forces of desire in the Australian cultural tradition. Translation of: Women and the bush : forces of desire in the Australian cultural tradition /­ Kay Schaffer. Includes bibliographical references. English title: The bush, gender and the construction of Australian history Publisher: 广西师范大学出版社
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