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2021Practical guidance for food consumption to prevent cardiovascular diseaseNestel, P.J.; Beilin, L.J.; Clifton, P.M.; Watts, G.F.; Mori, T.A.
2021Outcomes for head and neck cancer patients admitted to intensive care in Australia and New Zealand between 2000 and 2016Frauenfelder, C.A.; Raith, E.P.; Krishnan, S.; Udy, A.; Pilcher, D.
2020Prevalence of oral human papillomavirus infection among Australian Indigenous adultsJamieson, L.M.; Antonsson, A.; Garvey, G.; Ju, X.; Smith, M.; Logan, R.M.; Johnson, N.W.; Hedges, J.; Sethi, S.; Dunbar, T.; Leane, C.; Hill, I.; Brown, A.; Roder, D.; De Souza, M.; Canfell, K.
2020Effect of aspirin vs placebo on the prevention of depression in older people: a randomized clinical trialBerk, M.; Woods, R.L.; Nelson, M.R.; Shah, R.C.; Reid, C.M.; Storey, E.; Fitzgerald, S.; Lockery, J.E.; Wolfe, R.; Mohebbi, M.; Dodd, S.; Murray, A.M.; Stocks, N.; Fitzgerald, P.B.; Mazza, C.; Agustini, B.; McNeil, J.J.
2020Meningococcal B vaccine and meningococcal carriage in adolescents in AustraliaMarshall, H.S.; McMillan, M.; Koehler, A.P.; Lawrence, A.; Sullivan, T.R.; MacLennan, J.M.; Maiden, M.C.J.; Ladhani, S.N.; Ramsay, M.E.; Trotter, C.; Borrow, R.; Finn, A.; Kahler, C.M.; Whelan, J.; Vadivelu, K.; Richmond, P.
2020Meta-analysis of prevalence and risk factors for cognitive decline and improvement after transcatheter aortic valve implantationGhezzi, E.S.; Ross, T.J.; Davis, D.; Psaltis, P.J.; Loetscher, T.; Keage, H.A.D.
2020Incidence, risk factors and outcomes of cancer in systemic sclerosisMorrisroe, K.; Hansen, D.; Huq, M.; Stevens, W.; Sahhar, J.; Ngian, G.-S.; Ferdowsi, N.; Hill, C.; Roddy, J.; Walker, J.; Proudman, S.; Nikpour, M.
2020The association between age of onset of type 2 diabetes with the long-term risk of end-stage kidney disease: a National Registry studyMorton, J.I.; Liew, D.; McDonald, S.P.; Shaw, J.E.; Magliano, D.J.
2020Dalcetrapib reduces risk of new-onset diabetes in patients with coronary heart diseaseSchwartz, G.G.; Leiter, L.A.; Ballantyne, C.M.; Barter, P.J.; Black, D.M.; Kallend, D.; Laghrissi-Thode, F.; Leitersdorf, E.; McMurray, J.J.V.; Nicholls, S.J.; Olsson, A.G.; Preiss, D.; Shah, P.K.; Tardif, J.-C.; Kittelson, J.
2020Cancer post kidney transplant: the question of riskIrish, G.L.; Coates, P.T.; Clayton, P.A.