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2021Age and sex effects on FGF23-mediated response to mild phosphate challengeTippen, S.P.; Noonan, M.L.; Ni, P.; Metzger, C.E.; Swallow, E.A.; Sacks, S.A.; Chen, N.X.; Thompson, W.R.; Prideaux, M.; Atkins, G.J.; Moe, S.M.; Allen, M.R.; White, K.E.
2020Assessing the effects of parthenolide on inflammation, bone loss, and glial cells within a collagen antibody-Induced arthritis mouse modelWilliams, B.; Lees, F.; Tsangari, H.; Hutchinson, M.R.; Perilli, E.; Crotti, T.N.
2021Injection site vaccinology of a recombinant vaccinia-based vector reveals diverse innate immune signaturesHazlewood, J.E.; Dumenil, T.; Le, T.T.; Slonchak, A.; Kazakoff, S.H.; Patch, A.M.; Gray, L.A.; Howley, P.M.; Liu, L.; Hayball, J.D.; Yan, K.; Rawle, D.J.; Prow, N.A.; Suhrbier, A.
2020Emu oil and grape seed extract reduce tumour burden and disease parameters In murine colitis-associated colorectal cancerChartier, L.C.; Howarth, G.S.; Trinder, D.; Mashtoub, S.
2020Toll-like receptor-4 antagonist (+)-naltrexone protects against carbamyl-platelet activating factor (Cpaf)-induced preterm labor in miceWahid, H.H.; Chin, P.Y.; Sharkey, D.J.; Diener, K.R.; Hutchinson, M.R.; Rice, K.C.; Moldenhauer, L.M.; Robertson, S.A.
202041BB-based and CD28-based CD123-redirected T-cells ablate human normal hematopoiesis in vivoBaroni, M.L.; Sanchez Martinez, D.; Gutierrez Aguera, F.; Roca Ho, H.; Castella, M.; Zanetti, S.; Velasco Hernandez, T.; Diaz de la Guardia, R.; CastaƱo, J.; Anguita, E.; Vives, S.; Nomdedeu, J.; Lapillone, H.; Bras, A.E.; van der Velden, V.H.J.; Junca, J.; Marin, P.; Bataller, A.; Esteve, J.; Vick, B.; et al.
2020MicroRNA miR-155 is required for expansion of regulatory T cells to mediate robust pregnancy tolerance in miceSchjenken, J.E.; Moldenhauer, L.M.; Zhang, B.; Care, A.S.; Groome, H.M.; Chan, H.Y.; Hope, C.M.; Barry, S.C.; Robertson, S.A.
2020Platelets disrupt vasculogenic mimicry by cancer cellsMartini, C.; Thompson, E.J.; Hyslop, S.R.; Cockshell, M.P.; Dale, B.J.; Ebert, L.M.; Woods, A.E.; Josefsson, E.C.; Bonder, C.S.
2020Atypical cadherin FAT4 orchestrates lymphatic endothelial cell polarity in response to flowBetterman, K.L.; Sutton, D.L.; Secker, G.A.; Kazenwadel, J.; Oszmiana, A.; Lim, L.; Miura, N.; Sorokin, L.; Hogan, B.M.; Kahn, M.L.; McNeill, H.; Harvey, N.L.
2020Intermittent fasting does not uniformly impact genes involved in circadian regulation in women with obesityZhao, L.; Hutchison, A.T.; Wittert, G.A.; Thompson, C.H.; Lange, K.; Liu, B.; Heilbronn, L.K.