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2020Tocolysis compared with no tocolysis in women with threatened preterm birth and ruptured membranes: a propensity score analysisvan Winden, T.M.S.; Roos, C.; Nijman, T.A.J.; Kleinrouweler, C.E.; Olaru, A.; Mol, B.W.; McAuliffe, F.M.; Pajkrt, E.; Oudijk, M.A.
2020Septum resection in women with a septate uterus: a cohort studyRikken, J.F.; Verhorstert, K.W.; Emanuel, M.H.; Kuchenbecker, W.K.; Jansen, F.W.; Torrenga, B.; Schols, W.A.; Verhoeve, H.R.; Hoek, A.; Clark, T.J.; Stephenson, M.; Mol, B.W.; Van der Veen, F.; Van Wely, M.; Goddijn, M.; Bongers, M.Y.; van der Steeg, J.W.; Janssen, I.A.H.; Kapiteijn, K.; Torrance, H.L.; et al.; 35th Annual Meeting of the European-Society-of-Human-Reproduction-and-Embryology (ESHRE) as punlished in Human reproduction (24 Jun 2019 - 26 Jun 2019 : Vienna, AUSTRIA)
2021Micronized progesterone plus dydrogesterone versus micronized progesterone alone for luteal phase support in frozen-thawed cycles (MIDRONE): a prospective cohort studyVuong, L.N.; Pham, T.D.; Le, K.T.Q.; Ly, T.T.; Le, H.L.; Nguyen, D.T.N.; Ho, V.N.A.; Dang, V.Q.; Phung, T.H.; Norman, R.J.; Mol, B.W.; Ho, T.M.
2021Anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) test information on Australian and New Zealand fertility clinic websites: a content analysisCopp, T.; Nickel, B.; Lensen, S.; Hammarberg, K.; Lieberman, D.; Doust, J.; Mol, B.W.; McCaffery, K.
2021High dose progesterone for prevention of preterm birth in twinsMcGannon, C.J.; Dang, V.Q.; Mol, B.W.
2021Biomarkers and the prediction of adverse Ooutcomes in preeclampsia: a systematic review and meta-analysisLim, S.; Li, W.; Kemper, J.; Nguyen, A.; Mol, B.W.; Reddy, M.
2021Ursodeoxycholic acid in intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancyBlack, M.; Li, W.; Mol, B.W.
2021Effectiveness of antenatal corticosteroids at term: can we trust the data that ‘inform’ us?Mol, B.W.; Li, W.; Lai, S.; Stock, S.
2021Maternal, perinatal and childhood outcomes of the PPROMEXIL-III cohort: pregnancies complicated by previable prelabor rupture of membranesSimons, N.E.; de Ruigh, A.A.; van der Windt, L.I.; Kazemier, B.M.; van Wassenaer-Leemhuis, A.G.; van Teeffelen, A.S.; van Leeuwen, E.; Mol, B.W.; van 't Hooft, J.; Pajkrt, E.
2020Data integrity of 35 randomised controlled trials in women’ healthBordewijk, E.M.; Wang, R.; Askie, L.M.; Gurrin, L.C.; Thornton, J.G.; van Wely, M.; Li, W.; Mol, B.W.