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2020Real-time in vivo imaging of regional lung function in a mouse model of cystic fibrosis on a laboratory X-ray sourceMurrie, R.P.; Werdiger, F.; Donnelley, M.; Lin, Y.W.; Carnibella, R.P.; Samarage, C.R.; Pinar, I.; Preissner, M.; Wang, J.; Li, J.; Morgan, K.S.; Parsons, D.W.; Dubsky, S.; Fouras, A.
2020Assessing the effects of parthenolide on inflammation, bone loss, and glial cells within a collagen antibody-Induced arthritis mouse modelWilliams, B.; Lees, F.; Tsangari, H.; Hutchinson, M.R.; Perilli, E.; Crotti, T.N.
2020Phenotypic characterization and comparison of Phe508del and cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) knockout rat models of cystic fibrosis generated by CRISPR/Cas9 gene editingMcCarron, A.; Cmielewski, P.; Reyne, N.; McIntyre, C.; Finnie, J.; Craig, F.; Rout-Pitt, N.; Delhove, J.; Schjenken, J.E.; Chan, H.Y.; Boog, B.; Knight, E.; Gilmore, R.C.; O'Neal, W.K.; Boucher, R.C.; Parsons, D.; Donnelley, M.
2020Emu oil and grape seed extract reduce tumour burden and disease parameters In murine colitis-associated colorectal cancerChartier, L.C.; Howarth, G.S.; Trinder, D.; Mashtoub, S.
2020Anti-βc mAb CSL311 inhibits human nasal polyp pathophysiology in a humanized mouse xenograft modelYip, K.H.; Wilson, N.J.; Pant, H.; Brown, C.L.; Busfield, S.; Ng, M.; Alhamdoosh, M.; Woodman, N.; Schembri, M.; Tumes, D.J.; Vairo, G.; Lopez, A.F.; Nash, A.D.; Wilson, M.J.; Grimbaldeston, M.A.; Owczarek, C.M.
2020Drosophila as a model to understand autophagy deregulation in human disordersDenton, D.; O'Keefe, L.; Kumar, S.; Martinez, A.B.; Galluzzi, L.
2021Animal and cell culture models for cystic fibrosis: which model is right for your application?Mc Carron, A.; Parsons, D.; Donnelley, M.
2020Comparative analysis of brain pathology in heparan sulphate storing mucopolysaccharidosesDerrick-Roberts, A.; Kaidonis, X.; Jackson, M.R.; Liaw, W.C.; Ding, X.D.; Ong, C.; Ranieri, E.; Sharp, P.; Fletcher, J.; Byers, S.
2020ROCK-mediated selective activation of PERK signalling causes fibroblast reprogramming and tumour progression through a CRELD2-dependent mechanismBoyle, S.T.; Poltavets, V.; Kular, J.; Pyne, N.T.; Sandow, J.J.; Lewis, A.C.; Murphy, K.J.; Kolesnikoff, N.; Moretti, P.A.B.; Tea, M.N.; Tergaonkar, V.; Timpson, P.; Pitson, S.M.; Webb, A.I.; Whitfield, R.J.; Lopez, A.F.; Kochetkova, M.; Samuel, M.S.
2021Prevention of adhesions post-abdominal surgery: Assessing the safety and efficacy of Chitogel with Deferiprone in a rat modelVediappan, R.S.; Bennett, C.; Cooksley, C.; Finnie, J.; Trochsler, M.; Quarrington, R.D.; Jones, C.F.; Bassiouni, A.; Moratti, S.; Psaltis, A.J.; Maddern, G.; Vreugde, S.; Wormald, P.J.