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2020Efficacy of combined CDK9/13ET inhibition in preclinical models of MLL-rearranged acute leukemiaMcCalmont, H.; Li, K.L.; Jones, L.; Toubia, J.; Bray, S.C.; Casolari, D.A.; Mayoh, C.; Samaraweera, S.E.; Lewis, I.D.; Prinjha, R.K.; Smithers, N.; Wang, S.; Lock, R.B.; D'Andrea, R.J.
2020CDKI-73 is a novel pharmacological inhibitor of Rab11 cargo delivery and innate immune secretionSorvina, A.; Shandala, T.; Wang, S.; Sharkey, D.J.; Parkinson-Lawrence, E.; Selemidis, S.; Brooks, D.A.
2020Nitrogen-doped carbon nanospheres-modified graphitic carbon nitride with outstanding photocatalytic activityLiu, Q.; Tian, H.; Dai, Z.; Sun, H.; Liu, J.; Ao, Z.; Wang, S.; Han, C.; Liu, S.
2020Efficient wastewater remediation enabled by self-assembled perovskite oxide heterostructures with multiple reaction pathwaysZhu, M.; Miao, J.; Guan, D.; Zhong, Y.; Ran, R.; Wang, S.; Zhou, W.; Shao, Z.
2020Porous metal-porphyrin triazine-based frameworks for efficient CO₂ electroreductionFeng, S.; Zheng, W.; Zhu, J.; Li, Z.; Yang, B.; Wen, Z.; Lu, J.; Lei, L.; Wang, S.; Hou, Y.
2020Nonprecious bimetallic (Mo, Fe)-N/C nanostructures loaded on PVDF membrane for toxic Cr(VI) reduction from waterYao, Y.; Gao, M.; Zhang, Y.; Zheng, H.; Hu, H.; Yin, H.; Wang, S.
2020Nonepitaxial gold-tipped ZnSe hybrid nanorods for efficient photocatalytic hydrogen productionChen, W.; Li, X.; Wang, F.; Javaid, S.; Pang, Y.; Chen, J.; Yin, Z.; Wang, S.; Li, Y.; Jia, G.
2020Porous carbons: structure-oriented design and versatile applicationsTian, W.; Zhang, H.; Duan, X.; Sun, H.; Shao, G.; Wang, S.
2020Postsynthesis oxygen nonstoichiometric regulation: a new strategy for performance enhancement of perovskites in advanced oxidationMiao, J.; Li, J.; Dai, J.; Guan, D.; Zhou, C.; Zhou, W.; Duan, X.; Wang, S.; Shao, Z.
2020Surface engineering of hollow carbon nitride microspheres for efficient photoredox catalysisWang, S.; Zhao, H.; Zhao, X.; Zhang, J.; Ao, Z.; Dong, P.; He, F.; Wu, H.; Xu, X.; Shi, L.; Zhao, C.; Wang, S.; Sun, H.