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2019Suppressing fatty acid uptake has therapeutic effects in preclinical models of prostate cancerWatt, M.J.; Clark, A.K.; Selth, L.A.; Haynes, V.R.; Lister, N.; Rebello, R.; Porter, L.H.; Niranjan, B.; Whitby, S.T.; Lo, J.; Huang, C.; Schittenhelm, R.B.; Anderson, K.E.; Furic, L.; Wijayaratne, P.R.; Matzaris, M.; Montgomery, M.K.; Papargiris, M.; Norden, S.; Febbraio, M.; et al.
2019Knockout of p75 neurotrophin receptor attenuates the hyperphosphorylation of Tau in pR5 mouse modelMañucat-Tan, N.B.; Shen, L.L.; Bobrovskaya, L.; Al-hawwas, M.; Zhou, F.H.; Wang, Y.J.; Zhou, X.F.
2019Cytoplasmic dynein regulates the subcellular localization of sphingosine kinase 2 to elicit tumor-suppressive functions in glioblastomaNeubauer, H.A.; Tea, M.N.; Zebol, J.R.; Gliddon, B.L.; Stefanidis, C.; Moretti, P.A.B.; Pitman, M.R.; Costabile, M.; Kular, J.; Stringer, B.W.; Day, B.W.; Samuel, M.S.; Bonder, C.S.; Powell, J.A.; Pitson, S.M.
2019Vasculogenic properties of adventitial Sca-1⁺CD45⁺ progenitor cells in mice: a potential source of vasa vasorum in atherosclerosisToledo-Flores, D.; Williamson, A.; Schwarz, N.; Fernando, S.; Dimasi, C.; Witt, T.A.; Nguyen, T.M.; Puranik, A.S.; Chue, C.D.; Delacroix, S.; Spoon, D.B.; Bonder, C.S.; Bursill, C.A.; Di Bartolo, B.A.; Nicholls, S.J.; Simari, R.D.; Psaltis, P.J.
2019PHF6 regulates hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells and its loss synergizes with expression of TLX3 to cause leukemiaMcRae, H.; Garnham, A.; Hu, Y.; Witkowski, M.; Corbett, M.; Dixon, M.; May, R.; Sheikh, B.; Chiang, W.; Kueh, A.; Nguyen, T.; Man, K.; Gloury, R.; Aubrey, B.; Policheni, A.; Di Rago, L.; Alexander, W.; Gray, D.; Strasser, A.; Hawkins, E.; et al.
2019Insights into the biogenesis and potential functions of exonic circular RNARagan, C.; Goodall, G.J.; Shirokikh, N.E.; Preiss, T.
2019Denisovan, modern human and mouse TNFAIP3 alleles tune A20 phosphorylation and immunityZammit, N.W.; Siggs, O.M.; Gray, P.E.; Horikawa, K.; Langley, D.B.; Walters, S.N.; Daley, S.R.; Loetsch, C.; Warren, J.; Yap, J.Y.; Cultrone, D.; Russell, A.; Malle, E.K.; Villanueva, J.E.; Cowley, M.J.; Gayevskiy, V.; Dinger, M.E.; Brink, R.; Zahra, D.; Chaudhri, G.; et al.
2019Intermittent fasting improves glucose tolerance and promotes adipose tissue remodeling in male mice fed a high-fat dietLiu, B.; Page, A.J.; Hatzinikolas, G.; Chen, M.; Wittert, G.A.; Heilbronn, L.K.
2019Dietary micronutrient supplementation for 12 days in obese male mice restores sperm oxidative stressMc Pherson, N.O.; Shehadeh, H.; Fullston, T.; Zander-Fox, D.; Lane, M.
2019Cancer-associated fibroblasts—heroes or villains?Gieniec, K.A.; Butler, L.M.; Worthley, D.L.; Woods, S.L.