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2019Suppressing fatty acid uptake has therapeutic effects in preclinical models of prostate cancerWatt, M.J.; Clark, A.K.; Selth, L.A.; Haynes, V.R.; Lister, N.; Rebello, R.; Porter, L.H.; Niranjan, B.; Whitby, S.T.; Lo, J.; Huang, C.; Schittenhelm, R.B.; Anderson, K.E.; Furic, L.; Wijayaratne, P.R.; Matzaris, M.; Montgomery, M.K.; Papargiris, M.; Norden, S.; Febbraio, M.; et al.
2019TRAIL signals through the ubiquitin ligase MID1 to promote pulmonary fibrosisCollison, A.M.; Li, J.; De Siqueira, A.P.; Lv, X.; Toop, H.D.; Morris, J.C.; Starkey, M.R.; Hansbro, P.M.; Zhang, J.; Mattes, J.
2019Revision joint replacement surgeries of the hip and knee across geographic region and socioeconomic status in the western region of Victoria: a cross-sectional multilevel analysis of registry dataBrennan-Olsen, S.L.; Vogrin, S.; Graves, S.; Holloway-Kew, K.L.; Page, R.S.; Sajjad, M.A.; Kotowicz, M.A.; Livingston, P.M.; Khasraw, M.; Hakkennes, S.; Dunning, T.L.; Brumby, S.; Sutherland, A.G.; Talevski, J.; Green, D.; Kelly, T.L.; Williams, L.J.; Pasco, J.A.
2019Predictors of long-term adherence to continuous positive airway pressure in patients with obstructive sleep apnea and cardiovascular diseaseVan Ryswyk, E.; Anderson, C.S.; Antic, N.A.; Barbe, F.; Bittencourt, L.; Freed, R.; Heeley, E.; Liu, Z.; Loffler, K.A.; Lorenzi-Filho, G.; Luo, Y.; Margalef, M.J.M.; McEvoy, R.D.; Mediano, O.; Mukherjee, S.; Ou, Q.; Woodman, R.; Zhang, X.; Chai-Coetzer, C.L.
2019Traumatic spinal cord injury in Victoria, 2007–2016Beck, B.; Cameron, P.A.; Braaf, S.; Nunn, A.; Fitzgerald, M.C.; Judson, R.T.; Teague, W.J.; Lennox, A.; Middleton, J.W.; Harrison, J.E.; Gabbe, B.J.
2019Knockout of p75 neurotrophin receptor attenuates the hyperphosphorylation of Tau in pR5 mouse modelMañucat-Tan, N.B.; Shen, L.L.; Bobrovskaya, L.; Al-hawwas, M.; Zhou, F.H.; Wang, Y.J.; Zhou, X.F.
2019Effect of tacrolimus dispositional genetics on acute rejection in the first 2 weeks and estimated glomerular filtration rate in the first 3 months following kidney transplantationHu, R.; Barratt, D.T.; Coller, J.K.; Sallustio, B.C.; Somogyi, A.A.
2019A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials to compare long-term clinical outcomes of bioabsorbable polymer and durable polymer drug-eluting stentsMridha, N.; Subhaharan, D.; Niranjan, S.; Rashid, M.K.; Psaltis, P.; Singh, K.
2019The influence of parental offending on the continuity and discontinuity of children’s internalizing and externalizing difficulties from early to middle childhoodWhitten, T.; Laurens, K.; Tzoumakis, S.; Kaggodaarachchi, S.; Green, M.; Harris, F.; Carr, V.; Dean, K.
2019Successful ageing from old to very old: a longitudinal study of 12,432 women from AustraliaByles, J.E.; Rahman, M.M.; Princehorn, E.M.; Holliday, E.G.; Leigh, L.; Loxton, D.; Beard, J.; Kowal, P.; Jagger, C.